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Vermont Primary Election Results

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District at-large Democrat-held seat
In 2016, Clinton won this district by 26.4 points and Peter Welch (D) won by 89.5.
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She has become the media darling of the Democratic field. We all should have seen that coming.
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States are almost certainly not prepared for the massive voter tsunami that seems to be developing. That could be a huge problem.

Trump has been president for almost 1,000 days. That means lots and lots of false or misleading claims.

President Trump has made more than 13,400 false or misleading claims | Fact Checker

The Fact Checker is keeping a running list of the false or misleading claims Trump says most regularly. Here’s what you need to know.

The escalating crisis in northern Syria has prompted further criticism from Republican foreign policy heavyweights.

In this edition: Two phenoms try to kickstart things in Iowa, Democrats debate gay (and religious) rights, and Louisiana tells us plenty about Democrats and rural voters.

Positions by Joe Biden’s son in Ukraine and China have become flash points in the presidential campaign and led to Trump’s phone call that is at center of the impeachment probe.

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