Election 2018

Vermont Election Results

District at-large Previously Democrat
In 2016, Clinton won this district by 26.4 points and Peter Welch (D) won by 89.5.
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If you care to join the 50 or 60 people who will run in 2020, go right ahead.
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They’re pandering to micro-issues and ignoring major ones.

Democrats have called two diplomats whose testimony they see as key to making the case that the president improperly pressed Ukraine for investigations that could benefit him politically.

The two-term governor will enter the race less than three months before the first votes are taken in Iowa, and faces a challenge in raising the money and voter support to propel his campaign.

A witness was left momentary speechless when pressed on conspiracy theories apparently driving the president’s actions.

By sundown, more than three dozen tweets and retweets decrying the day’s events were posted on the Twitter feed of a president who said he had not “watched a minute.”

The testimony about the phone call was one of few new revelations during the five-hour opening impeachment hearing that ended with Democrats and Republicans more firmly entrenched behind their established battle lines.