Election 2018

Wyoming Election Results

District at-large Previously Republican
In 2016, Trump won this district by 46.3 points and Liz Cheney (R) won by 32.1.
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Voting for the most 'electable' candidate is tricky
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He did unite America around his delicious coffee milkshakes.

The action tests the limits of presidential power and is certain to lead to legal and political battles.

It’s unclear whether even the most vocal critics of the move will risk the ire of the president’s political base by standing up against it.

The revelation by Trump attorney Rudolph Giuliani that the president repaid Cohen prompted ethics officials to press the president’s lawyers about the payment.

The president’s national-emergency declaration often took a back seat as he demanded credit for his list of administration accomplishments.

While declaring a national emergency for border wall funding, Trump spoke about a conversation he had with Chinese President Xi Jinping.