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As Trump attacks voting by mail, GOP builds 2020 strategy around limiting its expansion

The Republican National Committee and allied groups plan to spend tens of millions of dollars fighting efforts to loosen mail-balloting rules amid the coronavirus pandemic.
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Biden says "It never happened." Here's what we know about it.
“He has to meet the moment,” one African American pollster said.
Facing in the virus an enemy he could not tweet into submission, the president was desperate to change the subject, from pressing bogus conspiracy theories to inflaming tensions over the death of George Floyd.
National political head winds are working against Republicans, who likely will have to wait at least two more years for their best shot to win the majority.
Both candidates receive mixed reviews from Americans. Trump backers more enthusiastic than Biden supporters.
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The former presidential candidate is leading a private company that will provide precise information to Democratic campaigns — data that could be critical in close elections.
The former vice president’s favored position is counterpoint to President Trump but some want to hear what he would do as the nation’s leader.
Trump also abdicated the traditional role of an American president abroad on Friday by announcing he was “terminating” U.S. membership in the World Health Organization.
Before greenlighting the event, North Carolina’s top health official said Republicans must explain how they will keep participants safe.
Party officials said they plan to take safety measures to ensure the health of the president and attendees.
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Biden increases delegate lead over Sanders in March 17 primaries
Former vice president Joe Biden won the Arizona, Florida and Illinois 2020 Democratic presidential primaries on March 17.
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