Rep. Kurt Schrader loses primary in Oregon’s 5th District

Although he had Biden’s endorsement, Schrader was challenged from the left by Jamie McLeod-Skinner.

By Eugene Scott and David WeigelMay 27, 2022

Wisconsin Republican quits election board over party’s 2020 falsehoods

As a state lawmaker, Dean Knudson helped design the bipartisan commission. Now he says there’s no place for him on it.

By Rosalind S. HeldermanMay 25, 2022

Brian Kemp and Stacey Abrams are in a rematch. A lot has changed since 2018.

The political landscape in Georgia — and nationally — has shifted significantly.

By Annie Linskey and Josh DawseyMay 25, 2022

Pa. secretary of state orders recount in GOP primary between Oz, McCormick

The acting secretary of state in Pennsylvania had ordered a recount in the GOP Senate primary between Mehmet Oz and David McCormick.

By Donna Cassata and Felicia SonmezMay 25, 2022

Will Trump help or hurt the GOP cause in the 2022 midterms?

Donald Trump's dominance of the Republican Party and his potential influence on voters will be felt through the election year.

By Marianna Sotomayor and Dan BalzMay 25, 2022

The 2022 midterm primaries to watch

The House and Senate primaries to watch in the 2022 midterm elections.

By Marianna Sotomayor and Dan BalzMay 25, 2022

Governor’s races to watch in the 2022 midterms

The outcomes have significant implications for state-by-state governance at a time when red and blue states are heading in opposite directions.

By Dan Balz and Marianna SotomayorMay 25, 2022

Brad Raffensperger defied Trump. Georgia voters rewarded him for it.

The Republican secretary of state, who refused the former president’s demands that he overturn Joe Biden’s 2020 victory, prevailed in a GOP primary Tuesday that few thought he could win.

By Amy GardnerMay 25, 2022

Trump’s endorsements in the 2022 Republican primaries

The races present a real-time test of whether Trump’s influence on Republican voters is waning nearly two years after he lost the presidency.

By Youjin Shin,  Courtney Beesch and Anu NarayanswamyMay 25, 2022

Donald Trump recalibrates his standing in GOP after primary setbacks

The former president is seeking out information on potential 2024 rivals after defeats for his chosen candidates have raised questions about his continued dominance of the Republican Party.

By Josh Dawsey,  Michael Scherer and Ashley ParkerMay 25, 2022

Kemp, Raffensperger win in blow to Trump and his false election claims

The results in Georgia’s Republican primaries for governor and secretary of state amounted to a significant blow to the former president.

By Colby Itkowitz and David WeigelMay 25, 2022

For the Bush dynasty, Texas loss could be ‘the end of the line’

As George P. Bush has run for Texas attorney general, his family's storied political dynasty has proven to be a heavy weight in a party now in thrall to a different famous surname.

By Isaac ArnsdorfMay 24, 2022

2022 Arkansas primary elections results

Live-updating results, maps and analysis of the 2022 Arkansas primary elections from The Washington Post.

By Washington Post StaffMay 24, 2022

2022 Texas primary runoff election results

Live-updating results, maps and analysis of the 2022 Texas primary runoff elections from The Washington Post.

By Washington Post StaffMay 24, 2022

2022 Alabama primary elections results

Live-updating results, maps and analysis of the 2022 Alabama primary elections from The Washington Post.

By Washington Post StaffMay 24, 2022

Recovering from a stroke, Fetterman finds his Senate campaign in limbo

The Democratic nominee has been sidelined for nearly two weeks from one of this year’s most consequential Senate races.

By Colby Itkowitz,  Paul Kane and Ariana Eunjung ChaMay 24, 2022

5 GOP candidates in Michigan ineligible after fraud, election office says

A state elections board said five of 10 GOP candidates for Michigan governor are ineligible because of thousands of fraudulent signatures in their petitions.

By Amy B WangMay 24, 2022

How election modeling can help us understand who might win

Election models can estimate where votes are out, giving observers a chance to see where the election might be headed.

By Adrian Blanco and Artur GalochaMay 24, 2022
The Washington Post

Peter Thiel puts another $3.5 million behind Blake Masters in Arizona

Fresh off J.D. Vance’s win in Ohio, the tech entrepreneur upped his investment in Arizona, where his friend and protégé is courting Trump’s endorsement.

By Isaac Stanley-BeckerMay 24, 2022