The Commission on Presidential Debates announced Wednesday that it would add “additional structure” to the remaining faceoffs between President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden after Tuesday night’s chaotic clash in Cleveland, saying “more orderly discussion is needed.”

The announcement came as both candidates returned to the campaign trail, and Biden called Trump’s behavior at the debate “a national disgrace” during a stop in Ohio. Meanwhile, several GOP lawmakers urged Trump to address his refusal during the debate to condemn self-described white supremacists. Democrats widely denounced Trump’s remarks.

With 34 days until the election …

  • During an acrimonious first debate, Trump incessantly interrupted and insulted Biden while the two sparred over the economy, the coronavirus pandemic, the Supreme Court and race relations.
  • Trump refused to condemn self-described white supremacists and unofficial armed militia members during a debate in which racism emerged as one of the most contentious issues.
  • Democratic voters who have requested mail ballots — and returned them — greatly outnumber Republicans so far in key battleground states, causing alarm among GOP leaders and strategists.
  • Biden leads Trump by eight percentage points nationally, 51 percent to 43 percent, according to a Washington Post average of polls. Biden’s margin is the same in Pennsylvania and smaller in other key states: seven points in Wisconsin and Michigan, five in Arizona and one in Florida.