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The Commission on Presidential Debates said Monday night that it will mute President Trump’s and Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s microphones during parts of Thursday’s presidential debate at Belmont University in Nashville. The commission said it will give Trump and Biden two minutes apiece to speak uninterrupted at the start of each segment.

Trump’s campaign has repeatedly opposed the idea of granting the moderator the power to shut off a candidate’s microphone — an idea that has been floated in the aftermath of the first debate, during which Trump repeatedly interrupted and jeered at Biden.

With 15 days until Election Day …

  • Trump offered an upbeat assessment of his reelection prospects and called Anthony S. Fauci, the nation’s top infectious-disease official, “a disaster” during a call with campaign staffers on Monday.
  • Biden’s running mate, Sen. Kamala D. Harris (D-Calif.), returned to the trail with events in Florida, where in-person early voting began Monday. Vice President Pence campaigned in Maine and Pennsylvania.
  • The Supreme Court allowed Pennsylvania election officials to count mail-in ballots received up to three days after Election Day, refusing a Republican request to stop a pandemic-related procedure approved by the state’s highest court.
  • Despite heavy rain, thousands of voters in Florida flocked to the polls on the state’s first day of in-person voting, another sign that Americans are unusually eager to cast ballots in this year’s presidential election.
  • Biden leads Trump by 11 percentage points nationally, 54 percent to 43 percent, according to an average of national polls since Oct. 4. Biden’s margin is smaller in key states: eight points in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan; seven in Arizona; and six in Florida.