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The day after their final debate, Democratic nominee Joe Biden delivered a speech on Friday from his home state of Delaware in which he discussed his plan for combating the coronavirus and accused President Trump of not having one.

Trump traveled to Florida for a pair of “Make America Great Again” rallies to shore up support in his adopted home state, which is considered crucial to his reelection prospects.

Earlier Friday, the president announced that Sudan has agreed to normalize relations with Israel.

With 11 days until Election Day …

  • Vice President Pence cast an early ballot Friday in his home state of Indiana. Trump plans to vote early in Florida on Saturday, his campaign said.
  • Biden has surged ahead of Trump in donors — including in the states that matter most.
  • At least 47 million Americans have already voted, surpassing the total number of early ballots cast in 2016.
  • Trump tried to cast Biden as a ­scandal-plagued politician who has failed over decades in office, and Biden sought to portray Trump as a demagogue who abused immigrants and mishandled the pandemic, as the two counterpunched on a range of issues in their final debate Thursday.
  • Biden leads Trump by nine percentage points nationally, 52 percent to 43 percent, according to an average of national polls since Oct. 12. Biden’s margin in the battleground state of Michigan is 10 points. It’s eight points in Wisconsin, seven in Pennsylvania, five in Arizona and one in Florida.