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Democratic nominee Joe Biden on Tuesday pledged that if elected he would act immediately on an array of issues, including getting the coronavirus under control and expanding health-care access, as he held two events in Georgia, a state that Republicans have carried in every White House race since 1996.

President Trump staged rallies in three states — Michigan, Wisconsin and Nebraska, and turned up the volume on his appeals to suburban women, saying he would get their husbands back to work.

With seven days until Election Day …

  • The running mates of both candidates — Vice President Pence and Sen. Kamala D. Harris (D-Calif.) — touched down in battleground states, as did the spouses of both candidates. And former president Barack Obama campaigned for Biden again in Florida.
  • A page on the Trump campaign’s website was hacked, with its “About” section replaced with a warning.
  • After weeks of early and mail voting, at least 69 million Americans have already cast their ballots for next week’s election, a historic figure that has upended expectations about Election Day and which states could decide the presidential contest.
  • With the presidential election a week away, mail service continues to lag — especially in certain swing states that could decide control of the White House.
  • Biden leads Trump by nine percentage points nationally, 52 percent to 43 percent, according to an average of national polls since Oct. 12. Biden’s margin in the battleground state of Michigan is nine points. It is eight points in Wisconsin, seven in Pennsylvania, five in Arizona and one in Florida.