Sights and sounds of Biden’s victory: ‘This is beautiful’

See how celebrations unfolded in six cities

Cars honking. Dance parties in the streets. Marches. Celebrations for Joe Biden’s victory erupted across the country Saturday, marking the end of four anxious days of vote counting.

The Washington Post’s video team captured the sights and sounds in six cities.

New York City

The city was in in a celebratory mood Saturday, with parties breaking out on streets downtown and elsewhere. The city of New York and its surrounding counties overwhelmingly voted for Biden, and he won the state by nearly 18 percentage points.

In Times Square, a spring in his step, Show Mollinah cheered: “We did it, America! We did it!”

Said Patrick Mosah: “We need a government of inclusion for the people and by the people, so this is beautiful.”

(Associated Press)

Washington, D.C.

Fireworks and shouts of joy exploded into the air Saturday morning as the city received news of Biden’s win. In downtown D.C., an impromptu parade broke out, led by a brass band on top of a pickup truck. A couple on the way to their wedding stopped by the Black Lives Matter Plaza, blocks from the White House, to pop a bottle of champagne with the crowd.

(Samantha Schmidt/The Washington Post)

Of the votes counted in D.C., 92 percent went to Biden.

“I can breathe for the first time in four and a half years,” Harriet Sanford said.

(Associated Press)


Voters had already been dancing Friday night. The mood continued Saturday morning following the announcement of Biden’s win, with crowds gathering and singing throughout the city.

(Amber Ferguson/The Washington Post)

Biden narrowly won Pennsylvania by a little over 34,000 votes, flipping a state that Trump won in 2016. In Philadelphia county, 81 percent of the votes went to Biden. The state was crucial to Biden’s win.


Biden won Miami-Dade county but lost Florida to Trump, dashing Democratic hopes of flipping the state. Though Biden won far fewer Hispanic votes than expected, a group danced outside the Freedom Tower in celebration.

(Luis Velarde/The Washington Post)

Daniella Ferrera, who described herself as a Cuban American immigrant and political refugee, told The Post she was feeling “so much happiness, so much joy.” Ferrara co-founded Cubanos Con Biden, a group of Cuban Americans supporting Biden for president. “Donald Trump was turning the country I fled to into the country my family and I fled from.”

(Luis Velarde/The Washington Post)


Biden won Minnesota this year with especially strong support from Hennepin county, where Minneapolis is located.

Standing outside the Cup Foods corner store where George Floyd was killed by a police officer, Muna Scekomar, 25, said she had been waiting for Trump to leave ever since he took office. “I feel like we’ve been holding our breath, trying to survive for four years."

(Jon Gerberg/The Washington Post)

San Francisco

Crowds packed the streets in the Castro neighborhood in San Francisco. California is a reliably blue state, and in San Francisco, more than 85 percent of the vote went to Biden.


“I’m a little cautiously optimistic,” Juell Stewart told The Post. “I want the Democrats to go further left, but I’m obviously excited right now.”

(James Cornsilk/The Washington Post)

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