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President-elect Joe Biden is projected to win Arizona, according to Edison Research, flipping a fourth state Trump won in 2016 and adding to the size of the Democrat’s projected electoral college victory.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced a hand-counted audit of the presidential vote in his state, where President-elect Joe Biden leads by more than 14,000 votes. The goal is to have the audit completed by Nov. 20, the state deadline for certification.

Here’s what to know:

  • Trump is projected to win Alaska and its three electoral votes, and Republican Sen. Dan Sullivan is projected to hold onto his seat in the state, according to Edison Research. That means Republicans are ensured 50 seats in the Senate, with the two runoffs in Georgia determining the majority.
  • Biden’s popular vote lead over Trump now exceeds 5 million, as votes across the country continue to be tallied.
  • Biden and his Democratic allies rebuked Trump and top Republican leaders for refusing to acknowledge the election results.
  • The president-elect said he hopes to name several Cabinet-level nominees before Thanksgiving and downplayed the difficulties his team is having amid a lack of cooperation from Trump.