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President-elect Joe Biden held an event Wednesday with front-line health-care workers as he seeks to maintain a focus on the pandemic ahead of his arrival in the White House. During the event, Biden warned that his team is going to be "behind by weeks or months” on pandemic planning unless the Trump administration stops impeding the transition.

Meanwhile, the Trump campaign said it plans to formally petition election authorities to conduct a recount in two counties in Wisconsin. President Trump has no public events scheduled; he continues to keep a low profile while refusing to concede the race to Biden.

Here’s what to know:

  • Republican appointees on a key board in Michigan’s most populous county reversed their initial refusal to certify vote tallies in the Detroit area, striking a last-minute compromise with Democrats.
  • Trump fired a top Department of Homeland Security official who led the agency’s efforts to help secure the election and was vocal about tamping down unfounded claims of ballot fraud.
  • Biden named top aides who will work in his White House, rewarding loyal supporters and longtime advisers as he builds his administration-in-waiting.
  • Here’s who Biden is picking to fill his White House and Cabinet.
  • Election results are under attack: Here are the facts.