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The White House hopefuls are criss-crossing the Palmetto State with the aim of boosting their standing in Saturday's primary and building momentum heading into Super Tuesday, just three days later.
The billionaire climate activist looks to the South Carolina primary to pop him into the top tier of Democratic presidential candidates.
Democratic presidential candidates to hold rallies in Virginia ahead of the March 3 primary.
Candidates are campaigning inside and outside South Carolina ahead of Saturday’s primary with Super Tuesday also in mind.
As Bernie Sanders pushes toward a spot atop the Democratic presidential field, he continues to clash with key parts of the Democratic Party.
Most Americans don't see the top Democratic presidential candidates as religious.
Suburban Virginians were key to recent Democratic victories, but these voters are at a loss over whom to support.
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Polls suggest he's in an increasingly strong position — and how the field shakes out could be very important for him ahead of Super Tuesday.
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Early in the primary contest, conversations about reparations left some on the left hopeful that the party’s eventual nominee would seriously engage this issue.
Four years ago, Sanders said superdelegates could vote against the majority of pledged delegates. Now he says superdelegates should vote with the plurality of them.
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Bernie Sanders wins Nevada caucuses
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) won the Nevada caucuses on Feb. 22 and predicted his campaign will "win across the country." His rivals, however, stayed hopeful.
Impeachment upends the race | On the 2020 trail
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Warren: 'Our support has been growing everywhere'
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Buttigieg criticizes Sanders's 'inflexible ideological revolution' after Nevada caucuses
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Biden: 'We're alive, and we're coming back, and we're going to win'
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