Christie repeatedly berates Trump in N.H., signals 2024 decision by June

The former New Jersey governor also portrayed himself as uniquely well-positioned to take on the 45th president.

By Colby ItkowitzMarch 27, 2023

Trump extends election-rigging myth to his potential criminal charges

Trump repeatedly emphasized his false insistence that the 2020 election was stolen from him and suggested his political opponents were now bent on rigging the next election against him through the prospect of criminal charges.

By Isaac Arnsdorf and Hannah KnowlesMarch 27, 2023

Trump, under legal threat, tries to short-circuit DeSantis momentum

The former president holds his first rally of the 2024 campaign on Saturday, as he seeks to further slow his chief GOP rival.

By Isaac Arnsdorf, Isaac Stanley-Becker and Hannah KnowlesMarch 25, 2023

Mike Pence’s aides recognize he may have to testify before grand jury

The former vice president’s advisers have privately accepted the possibility that the he might have to testify against former president Donald Trump during an election season.

By Michael SchererMarch 23, 2023

GOP 2024 hopefuls grapple with how to take on Trump

Many Republicans are quietly testing messages and discussing strategies to defeat him in their party’s upcoming presidential primary.

By Ashley Parker and Josh DawseyMarch 22, 2023

Trump campaign prepares for ‘new normal’: Running under indictment

The former president’s team is pressuring other Republicans to show support. But advisers privately acknowledged many potential risks.

By Isaac Arnsdorf, Josh Dawsey, Michael Scherer and Hannah KnowlesMarch 21, 2023

Nikki Haley walks fine line on race, gender in appeal to GOP base

As she campaigns, Haley is at once seeking to accentuate her differences as a woman of color and offer reassurances that they are not impediments to achieving success.

By Dylan WellsMarch 21, 2023

Mike Pence, unmoored from Donald Trump, finds his old voice

The former vice president is banking on Republicans returning to more traditional conservatism after the turbulent Trump era.

By Michael Scherer and Ashley ParkerMarch 19, 2023

Nikki Haley, Tim Scott converge at S.C. forum as potential 2024 rivals

The former governor and current senator appear Saturday at an evangelical gathering in Charleston.

By Hannah KnowlesMarch 18, 2023

Where the 2024 Republican presidential hopefuls stand on Ukraine

Disagreements among current and potential candidates about what the U.S. posture should be point to a potential longer-term debate as the field takes shape.

By Dylan WellsMarch 17, 2023

Trump-commissioned report undercut his claims of dead and double voters

A report buried by the former president’s campaign and obtained by The Post did not back up his claims of fraud and did not provide evidence to overturn the 2020 election.

By Josh DawseyMarch 17, 2023

Much of the 2024 GOP field focuses on dark, apocalyptic themes

Most of the declared and potential Republican hopefuls feature rhetoric focused on existential dangers and demonizing Democrats.

By Ashley ParkerMarch 16, 2023

On the trail, freewheeling Donald Trump counters scripted Ron DeSantis

As the former president hits the trail in earnest, his campaign is placing a strategic bet on more unscripted, up-close-and-personal moments.

By Isaac Arnsdorf, Josh Dawsey and Maeve RestonMarch 14, 2023

Trump claims violence he inspired on Jan. 6 was Pence’s fault

The former president suggested the riot could have been avoided if his vice president had cooperated in overturning the results.

By Isaac Arnsdorf and Maeve RestonMarch 13, 2023

David McCormick allies hope to avoid a GOP Senate primary fight in Pa.

McCormick, who lost a bitter primary last year to celebrity TV doctor Mehmet Oz, wants assurances from party leaders that they will have his back this time.

By Colby ItkowitzMarch 13, 2023

Biden makes moves foreshadowing campaign to come, angering some liberals

The president is highlighting popular Democratic stances on social programs while also riling progressives on crime and immigration.

By Toluse Olorunnipa and Marianna SotomayorMarch 12, 2023

Signing books and holding babies, DeSantis tests his retail skills in Iowa

His trip served as a trial run of sorts for a politician who has been largely untested on the close-up circuit in key early states.

By Hannah KnowlesMarch 10, 2023

Trump in growing legal and political peril ahead of 2024

Multiple investigations into him and his actions are entering advanced stages while many Republicans drift away

By Ashley Parker, Josh Dawsey and Holly BaileyMarch 10, 2023

Ron DeSantis leads charge for more coercive conservative government

The Republican Florida governor's embrace of regulation of private business comes as many leaders on the right are revisiting their ideological boundaries.

By Michael SchererMarch 10, 2023

DeSantis indicates privately he intends to run in 2024 as allies prepare

Public and behind-the-scenes movements underline how far along DeSantis and his allies are in their 2024 election preparation.

By Hannah Knowles and Isaac Stanley-BeckerMarch 10, 2023