Election 2020

No election in history has played out against the backdrop of a pandemic, a major recession and a racial reckoning. Even more than ever, it is largely about the incumbent.
Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin also released a long letter defending his ongoing probe into former vice president Joe Biden and Ukraine.
Election officials in multiple states worked to keep polling locations open and staffed to avoid the long lines in previous primaries this year.
Joe Biden is expected to name his running mate this week, ahead of his nominating convention that starts in a week, and pressure on him to pick a Black woman continues.
The pressure escalated as Biden closed in on a public announcement of his choice as vice presidential nominee.
Biden weighs his decision in Rehoboth Beach — amid french fries, funnel cakes and Trump T-shirts.
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Barr has increasingly stepped outside the usual bounds of an attorney general. That was especially the case this weekend.
The president has concocted a profile of the presumptive Democratic nominee at odds with much of Biden’s personal and professional life.
The list of speakers includes a former Trump voter from Pennsylvania who is supporting Biden, a paramedic from Mexico City on the front lines of the pandemic in Florida, a bus driver from Atlanta and an autoworker from Lake Orion, Mich.
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In this edition: The first installment of our guide to swing states, the scandals turning heads in two Democratic House primaries, and whether a celebrity who's off the ballot in most states is really running for president.
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Biden says economy is 'at risk' under Trump presidency
On July 2, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said that President Trump “badly bungled” the health and economic responses to coronavirus.
Impeachment upends the race | On the 2020 trail
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Trump ramps up attacks on Biden
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Trump's flawed Rose Garden assault on Joe Biden
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Biden discusses police funding during NAACP town hall
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