Election 2020
Portrait of Marianne Williamson
Portrait of Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson

Democratic candidate

Williamson, 67, is a self-help author and motivational speaker who was an antiwar activist and worked with people with HIV and AIDS. She has embraced liberal policies on climate change, universal health care and criminal justice reform, describing the country now as having a “sociopathic economic system.” Williamson has embraced reparations to heal wounds caused by slavery.

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Can she make a mark on the presidential field? A look at a candidate who gets adoring crowds and sells millions of books.

Holly Bailey | May 31, 2019 | 8 minutes

Climate change

WIlliamson says on her campaign website that she supports the Green New Deal’s goals though “it doesn’t cover the whole range of measures we must undertake to reverse global warming.” She said that as president, she would immediately reenter the United States in the Paris climate agreement and set a new target of “100% reduction of emissions by 2030.” Williamson supports a transition away from nuclear power, an at least temporary ban on fracking and a ban on fossil fuel exports, as well as a carbon tax.

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Williamson called the overriding of the popular vote by the electoral college “a risk to our democracy,” saying she supports the elimination of the electoral college. She does not support changes to the number of justices on the Supreme Court or imposing term limits on them. She calls for measures to make it easier to vote, by automatically registering citizens to vote and making Election Day a national holiday.

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Health care

Williamson says she will “support high-quality universal coverage for every American, including a Medicare for all model.” She said that she’s open to supplemental private insurance but that it shouldn’t be a requirement.

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Williamson said the United States does need border security. “I do not support open borders; I do support open hearts so people are treated humanely,” she said. “Most unauthorized immigrants enter the United States legally, then simply overstay their visas. No increase in border security, including walls, will impact this most common route into our nation.”

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