Election 2020
Portrait of Tim Ryan
Portrait of Tim Ryan

Tim Ryan

Democratic candidate

In the House, Ryan represents a northeastern Ohio district hit by manufacturing job losses, and he says he could win back Rust Belt states that Donald Trump won in 2016. Ryan, 46, unsuccessfully challenged Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for House speaker in 2016. He joined the House in 2002 after serving in the Ohio Senate.

Climate change

Ryan said he does not support aspects of the Green New Deal like universal basic income and job guarantee but thinks the United States should take a leading role in fighting climate change, including by rejoining the Paris climate agreement. He wants investment in new technologies for safer nuclear power. Ryan is open to a cap-and-trade system on carbon. He would redirect subsidies for fossil fuel to investment in renewable energy.

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Ryan said he’s open to eliminating electoral college but prefers that not be the focus of the campaign. He does not support eliminating the filibuster or changing the appointment or tenure of Supreme Court justices.

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Health care

Ryan calls himself a “longtime supporter” of Medicare-for-all but says he believes in first providing a public option as the country moves toward single-payer health-care coverage. He said he does not think private insurance needs to be eliminated. Ryan does not support providing government health insurance to undocumented immigrants. He does not think the government should produce and sell generic drugs but does support giving it the power to negotiate Medicare drug prices.

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Ryan says he doesn’t support building more physical barriers along the border, instead favoring better use of technology and security personnel. He thinks family separation should be ended and detention should be reduced, and eliminated for asylum seekers, but would not repeal criminal penalties for those apprehended while crossing the border. He supports a path to citizenship.

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