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California governor recall election: Voters reject recall of Gavin Newsom

Newsom prevails in his effort to remain in office

California voters decided Sept. 14 not to recall their governor from office. Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) avoided the fate of former governor Gray Davis (D), who was replaced by Arnold Schwarzenegger in a similar 2003 vote. Voters, who started casting ballots weeks ago, were asked two questions: Do you want to recall Newsom? And if the governor is recalled, who should replace him?

Republicans had criticized Newsom for the state’s homelessness and housing issues but in the past weeks targeted his efforts to blunt the pandemic. Newsom countered that a Republican leading California would void masking and vaccine mandates and thrust the state into a health-care crisis, pointing to Republican-led states such as Florida and Texas. The race’s national implications — the governor could be in a position to name a replacement for Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D), 88, were she to leave office before her term ends in 2025, threatening Democratic control of the body — drew President Biden and Vice President Harris to campaign with Newsom in California in the closing week.

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Should Gov. Newsom be recalled?

Newsom will retain his office, as 50 percent or more have voted against the recall. If Newsom had been recalled, the winner on the second question would become governor, even if the votes against a Newsom recall outnumbered those for the top alternative candidate.

Votes received and percentages of total vote
Yes Yes 4,295,57437.1%
No No 7,289,56362.9
An estimated 92% of votes have been counted.

If Newsom is recalled, who should replace him?

Newsom retained his office, meaning the results of the second question do not matter. Most of the alternative candidates were Republicans. The leading alternative candidate was radio and television commentator Larry Elder, who is trying to persuade liberal California to vote for a conservative Republican statewide for the first time since 2006. He has been trailed by more-establishment Republicans such as former San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer. Well-known Democrats stayed out of the race. The highest-ranking Democrat in early polls was YouTube financial adviser Kevin Paffrath.

Votes received and percentages of total vote
Larry Elder Elder 3,095,10447.7%
Kevin Paffrath Paffrath 638,9679.9
Kevin Faulconer Faulconer 540,7698.3
Brandon Ross Ross 354,5285.5
John Cox Cox 272,8464.2
Kevin Kiley Kiley 212,7913.3
Jacqueline McGowan McGowan 190,1762.9
Joel Ventresca Ventresca 169,6902.6
Daniel Watts Watts 150,3452.3
Holly Baade Baade 83,0801.3
Patrick Kilpatrick Kilpatrick 78,3331.2
Armando Perez-Serrato Perez-Serrato 74,6671.2
Caitlyn Jenner Jenner 67,3411.0
John Drake Drake 60,7150.9
Dan Kapelovitz Kapelovitz 57,6140.9
Jeff Hewitt Hewitt 44,5090.7
Ted Gaines Gaines 41,2850.6
Angelyne Angelyne 32,6960.5
David Moore Moore 27,3440.4
Anthony Trimino Trimino 24,1180.4
Michael Loebs Loebs 22,9190.4
Doug Ose Ose 22,5540.3
Heather Collins Collins 21,4750.3
Major Singh Singh 19,0470.3
David Lozano Lozano 18,0700.3
Denver Stoner Stoner 17,5370.3
Sam Gallucci Gallucci 15,7990.2
Steve Lodge Lodge 15,5690.2
Jenny Rae Le Roux Le Roux 13,8580.2
David Bramante Bramante 10,1440.2
Diego Martinez Martinez 9,5880.1
Sarah Stephens Stephens 9,4860.1
Dennis Richter Richter 9,2850.1
Robert Newman Newman 9,0820.1
Denis Lucey Lucey 7,2380.1
James Hanink Hanink 6,3690.1
Daniel Mercuri Mercuri 6,3650.1
Chauncey Killens Killens 5,9770.1
Leo Zacky Zacky 5,3630.1
Kevin Kaul Kaul 4,9100.1
David Hillberg Hillberg 3,9960.1
Rhonda Furin Furin 3,5870.1
Adam Papagan Papagan 3,5630.1
Nickolas Wildstar Wildstar 3,3170.1
Jeremy Marciniak Marciniak 2,5600.0
Joe Symmon Symmon 2,1730.0
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An estimated 92% of votes have been counted.

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