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2022 Missouri primary elections results

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Sen. Roy Blunt (R) is retiring after this cycle and a collection of Republicans and Democrats are running to fill the open seat. A long list of Republicans are running, including controversial former governor Eric Greitens, Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R) and the state’s attorney general Eric Schmitt. Nearly a dozen candidates are running on the Democratic side. There are also competitive primaries in the state’s 1st and 4th U.S. House districts.

U.S. Senate

Democratic primary

Democratic primary

Busch Valentine is projected to win. An estimated 97 percent of votes have been counted.

Votes received and percentages of total vote
Trudy Busch Valentine Busch Valentine 158,58343.2%
Lucas Kunce Kunce 140,95338.4
Spencer Toder Toder 17,4124.7
Carla Coffee Wright Coffee Wright 14,3913.9
Gena Ross Ross 8,7152.4
Jewel Kelly Kelly 6,4431.8
Lewis Rolen Rolen 5,2281.4
Pat Kelly Kelly 4,9881.4
Ronald Harris Harris 4,0631.1
Josh Shipp Shipp 3,3250.9
Clarence Taylor Taylor 3,3190.9
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An estimated 97% of votes have been counted.

Republican primary

Republican primary

Schmitt is projected to win. An estimated 98 percent of votes have been counted.

Votes received and percentages of total vote
Eric Schmitt Schmitt 298,85245.7%
Vicky Hartzler Hartzler 144,46922.1
Eric Greitens Greitens 123,98218.9
Billy Long Long 32,5555.0
Mark McCloskey McCloskey 19,5053.0
Dave Schatz Schatz 7,4941.1
Patrick Lewis Lewis 6,0700.9
Curtis Vaughn Vaughn 3,4460.5
Eric McElroy McElroy 2,7970.4
Robert Allen Allen 2,1070.3
C.W. Gardner Gardner 2,0380.3
Dave Sims Sims 1,9430.3
Bernie Mowinski Mowinski 1,5990.2
Deshon Porter Porter 1,5730.2
Darrell McClanahan McClanahan 1,1350.2
Rickey Joiner Joiner 1,0810.2
Robert Olson Olson 1,0760.2
Dennis Chilton Chilton 7540.1
Russel Pealer Breyfogle Pealer Breyfogle 6830.1
Kevin Schepers Schepers 6790.1
Hartford Tunnell Tunnell 6360.1
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An estimated 98% of votes have been counted.

U.S. House

The Post estimated the lean of 2022 congressional districts using 2020 presidential results by precinct from Decision Desk HQ and estimates where actual votes at the precinct level were unavailable. Districts classified as “Strong Biden” and “Strong Trump” show where a candidate is estimated to have won by 15 percentage points or more. “Lean Biden” and “Lean Trump” districts had estimated vote margins between five and 15 points. “Close” districts show an estimated margin within five points.

By: Lenny Bronner, Dana Cassidy, Tyler Fisher, Holden Foreman, Dylan Freedman, Jen Haskell, Chloe Langston, Emily Liu, Brittany Renee Mayes, Anthony Pesce, Erik Reyna, Ashlyn Still and Chris Zubak-Skees

Source: AP