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2021 New Jersey governor election results

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Virginia has garnered most of the attention among statewide races, but New Jersey also had a gubernatorial election this year. Gov. Phil Murphy (D) opted to seek a second term after his first was dominated by the state’s deadly battle with the coronavirus. Murphy, a former Wall Street financier who served as President Barack Obama’s ambassador to Germany, faced a challenge from former state legislator Jack Ciattarelli (R).

Murphy cast his opponent as an acolyte of former president Donald Trump, while Ciattarelli claimed the governor was trying to move New Jersey too far to the left. The results in the Democratic state would help determine whether the party can maintain its hold on female voters and suburbanites, who contributed to President Joe Biden’s successful 2020 election.


Murphy (D) is projected to win. We estimate around all votes cast have been counted.

Votes received and percentages of total vote

DEM incumbent Phil Murphy

DEM incumbent Murphy

Jack Ciattarelli Ciattarelli 1,255,09548.0
Madelyn Hoffman Hoffman 8,4500.3
Gregg Mele Mele 7,7680.3
Joanne Kuniansky Kuniansky 00.0
We estimate around all votes cast have been counted.

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