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Filmmaker blends documentary and lavish reenactment on a case that’s gone too cold.

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Saturday, Dec.16, 2017 | ‘A Christmas Story: Live’ event on Fox

The toxic tone of the national conversation spurs a best-selling novelist to enlist two dozen artists for “I Am Gandhi."

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The singer-songwriter’s blazing performance featured all of her best work to date and hinted at an even brighter future.

  • Patrick Foster
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  • 4 hours ago
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From the wires

Guest lineups for the Sunday news shows

Guest lineups for the Sunday TV news shows:

Music Review: Eminem sounds alive on ‘Revival’

Eminem, “Revival” (Interscope)

‘Florida Project’ producer accused of sexual misconduct

“The Florida Project” producer Andrew Duncan has been accused of sexual misconduct by a dozen anonymous women and is stepping down from his company June Pictures.

Where does "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" rank among the other Star Wars movies? The Post's Comic Riffs duo square off as they rank all nine films.

After more than a year in prison, his set includes remixes of Cardi B, Future and others.

  • Chris Kelly
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  • 6 hours ago
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Former and current Washington Post employees reviewed "The Post" film at its national premiere. What lessons did Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep's film get right?

Both franchises need a reboot.

Steven Spielberg's "The Post" may be the latest journalism movie, but here's a look back at four others that have iconic moments of their own.

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The classic album codified G-Funk, sold a million White Sox hats and introduced the world to the addictive drawl of Snoop Dogg.

  • Jeff Weiss
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  • 11 hours ago
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The original Resistance: “The Last Jedi” has more Star Wars women featured than ever before.

During the Washington, D.C. premiere of “The Post,” on Dec. 14, actor Tom Hanks commented on the “Me too” moment and said, “the best thing for any young man entering any workplace is to work for a strong, fair, demanding, taskmaster, taskmistress of a female boss.

Despite its Gershwin songbook and knockout choreography, the touring musical lacks passion.

Friday, December 15, 2017 | ‘The Grill Dads’ premieres on Food Network

"Star Wars: The Last Jedi" sees Luke Skywalker back from isolation and the farewell of Princess Leia. The Post's Comic Riffs duo offers this review.

‘Christmas Carols,’ Gunderson plays and ‘Crazy for You’ hum along

As Disney acquires 21st Century Fox, here's what the deal means for some of your favorite movies and TV shows. It goes beyond the Star Wars franchise.

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Filmmaker blends documentary and lavish reenactment on a case that’s gone too cold.

A tweaked Fox logo from "The Simpsons" in 1998 foretold the show's big sale to Disney.

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The author of “Emma” endured boorish men and knew the importance of sisterhood.

  • Emily Midorikawa and Emma Claire Sweeney
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Reporters weigh in on what movies reveal about their profession, from “His Girl Friday” to “Spotlight.”

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