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The two-time Tony Award winner has been eager to play more complicated characters.

(TV Land)

Weekend of Dec. 10-11, 2016 | ‘Divorce’ ends its first season on HBO

For those associate video games with soul-sapping entertainment, Ueda’s work, with its penchant for quietude and the evocation of non-verbal emotions, is an epiphany.

The soprano Pretty Yende and countertenor Franco Fagioli offer two looks at bel canto.

  • 5 hours ago
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From the wires

Cue the music, cue the drama! Lee Daniels introduces ‘Star’

The title of Lee Daniels’ latest venture, “Star,” might very well identify this celebrated producer-director-writer. His films include “Monster’s Ball,” ‘’Precious” and “The Butler,” while two seasons ago he roared into series TV with Fox’s smash music drama “Empire.”

Iowa court clears way for ‘Field of Dreams’ baseball complex

An Iowa Supreme Court ruling Friday cleared the way for a baseball complex at the “Field of Dreams” movie site in Dyersville, as the state’s highest court upheld a lower court’s decision that the City Council acted properly when it rezoned the property from agricultural to commercial.

Reinhold apologizes to Dallas police, embarrassed by arrest

Actor Judge Reinhold has apologized to police, saying he’s embarrassed that he was arrested after a confrontation with security at Dallas Love Field Airport.

The two-time Tony Award winner has been eager to play more complicated characters.

The beloved Christmas story that began with a Dr. Seuss book has been adapted as a stage musical.

Tom Holland's first outing as Spider-Man is shaping up nicely, aided by superhero-film veterans Robert Downey Jr. and Michael Keaton.

The book ‘Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis’ sinks into a sea of retro sci-fi.

  • Elizabeth Hand
  • ·
  • 7 hours ago
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The father of Star Wars has screened 'Rogue One.' The verdict? He 'loved it.'

“Wicked” flies back into the Kennedy Center, and exit “The Christians.”

A utensil for picking up cookies. A ring for holding your book open. A game that shocks you for lying (sometimes). And a topper for your pencil point. We have 4 standup comics test these gifts.

The U-Md. Symphony Orchestra’s “Great Migration” and the InSeries’s “Goyescas.”

Friday, Dec. 9, 2016 | “Mozart in the Jungle” begins its third season on Amazon.

Concert revisits 1977 White House performance.

  • Charles T. Downey
  • ·
  • 1 day ago
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Along with Mr. Lake’s earlier band, King Crimson, ELP defined the progressive rock genre.

  • Jill Lawless
  • ·
  • 1 day ago
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CRITIC’S NOTEBOOK | Fox’s riveting TV revival, inspired by the film, deserves a second look.

Enter any of the past year’s contests; plus winning Tour de Fours neologisms

  • Pat Myers
  • ·
  • 1 day ago
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The Washington Post's Book World editor Ron Charles has been reading around the clock to compile his list of the hippest novels of 2016.

Bryan Shih’s powerful photographs capture the backbone of the movement.

  • Tina McElroy Ansa
  • ·
  • 1 day ago
  • ·

Ronald D. Lankford Jr. traces the origins of an American hero.

  • Michael Lindgren
  • ·
  • 1 day ago
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The new resort near the District turns your time into its money.

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