Sunday night Washington Post writers Dan Zak and Monica Hesse watched the Golden Globes and blogged throughout the broadcast covering essential background information, the hosts, presenters, audience participation and the big winners of the night.

As the stars paraded down the red carpet, Hesse took on the E! mani-cam’s love of Zooey Deschanel’s nails: “Attention: We have just our first Zooey Deschanel moment of the evening, in which she managed to up-twee her already astronomically high twee quotient by showing off her “thematic” fingernails, depicting a vintage camera and silver film.”

And further sparked excitement for hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, “Tonight’s dual hosting duties represent the culmination of a decade of Amy and Tina partnerships,”  by sharing the duo’s top five moments. from “Baby’s Mama” to “Saturday Night Live.”

Awards were announced and Zak filled the time between by playing the celebrity doppleganger game:

Bill Murray is looking like Chester A. Arthur, not Franklin D. Roosevelt (whom he is nominated for playing in “Hyde Park on Hudson“).”

“Aida Takla O’Reilly of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association reminds us of Cecilia Jimenez.

Adele made their pre-show “Three things to watch for” list, “The British singer will probably win best song (“Skyfall“), so prepare yourself for some playful, potentially vulgar verbiage in that Oliver-Twisty, north-London accent.” and as expected, she delivered: “Adele’s ‘Skyfall’ won Best Original Song. Adele won a high-five from Daniel Craig, and our applause for the most winsome, colorful, brief speech of the night:

‘Oh my Gawd. Oh my gawd. Honestly I’ve just come for a night out with my friend; we’re new mums,’ she explained. ‘We’ve been [delightful unprintable British expression] ourselves laughing all night.’”

Adele wasn’t the only one surprised, as Hesse commented on Steven Spielberg’s reaction to ‘Lincoln” presenter Bill Clinton: “‘Lincoln’ director Steven Spielberg looked downright tickled by the accolades; wife Kate Capshaw squeezed his arm in a “Honey, can you believe it?” kind of way.”

As the awards were handed out, Hesse and Zak, sprinkled in updates from “Downton Abbey,” (the second episode of the third season aired during the show) and GIFs of the best moments of the night. Cue: Glenn Close ‘drunk’. and an eye-brow raised response to Daniel Day-Lewis’ acceptance speech:

‘The ‘Lincoln’ actor — a heavy favorite in this actor — accepted the award with a strange and wonderful and somewhat disturbing tribute to his wife, Rebecca Miller.

When he goes to work, he said, ‘I jump out in the night and hunt and scavenge and come back in the night and drop it like a mouse at her feet.’”

And then there was ‘Jodie!’ The blog started with her greatest moments and ended with excerpts from her acceptance speech. As Hesse explained: The eminent Jodie Foster exemplified everything that a public speech on a public stage should ever be: gracious, funny, heartfelt, pointed. It had humor (she kicked off her lifetime achievement thank you with an “I’m 50″ Sally O’Malley impression), and it teased the audience with tidbits of her oft-speculated private life...”