‘Forbidden City’ gives voice to a history meant to be buried

Vanessa Hua’s masterful novel tells the story of women whose lives were essentially erased by the Cultural Revolution in China.

By Qian Julie WangMay 23, 2022

How DJ Screw put Houston hip-hop on the map

In his new book, “DJ Screw: A Life in Slow Revolution,” author Lance Scott Walker charts how DJ Screw developed his trademark sound.

By Santi Elijah HolleyMay 23, 2022

Michael Jackson and Bob Fosse owe their moves to a man called Bubbles

John W. Bubbles was the father of rhythm tap, but the dancer is little known. A new biography explores his life and contribution to the arts.

By Sarah L. KaufmanMay 22, 2022

New novels take old favorites for a spin

"Elektra," "Darling Girl" and "How to Be Eaten" reimagine Greek myth, "Peter Pan" and various fairy tale characters.

By Bethanne PatrickMay 21, 2022

Kim Stanley Robinson’s love letter to the wilderness

The acclaimed science-fiction writer turns his hand to nature writing in a book that’s part hiking journal, part history lesson

By Jeff VanderMeerMay 21, 2022

Roger Angell, editor, baseball writer at the New Yorker, dies at 101

As fiction editor, he helped mold the stories of generations of writers. As a sportswriter, he was enshrined in the writers’ wing of the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

By Matt SchudelMay 20, 2022

Printing fake news, this editor helped push America into World War I

Providence Journal editor John Revelstoke Rathom also had a fake biography, writes journalist Mark Arsenault.

By Robert G. KaiserMay 20, 2022

Deborah Birx’s unseen fight to stop Trump’s covid falsehoods

The former White House coronavirus official recalls using subversion and subterfuge to get the truth out.

By Colleen M. FarrellMay 20, 2022

How the naval battles of World War II reshaped the global order

There were six great naval powers before the war, writes historian Paul Kennedy; afterward, there was just one.

By Robert D. KaplanMay 20, 2022

Squabbling Democrats, scheming Republicans and a democracy in danger

In this tale of two parties, it's the worst of times for American democracy.

By Nicole HemmerMay 20, 2022