(Gallery/Scout, $16). By Ruth Ware. A travel writer on a cruise searches for a missing woman that no one else saw. [29]

(Bantam, $17). By John Grisham. An investigator with the Florida Board on Judicial conduct receives information from a whistleblower that accuses judges across the country. [5]

(Ballantine, $17). By Martha Hall Kelly. The lives of three women are disrupted by the outbreak of World War II. [24]

(Broadway Books, $16). By Ernest Cline. In a future where people spend more time in virtual reality, a contest turns deadly and contestants confront what they are trying to hide from. [5]

(Scribner, $17). By Anthony Doerr. A story of two children whose paths collide during World War II. [19]

(Grand Central Publishing, $15.99). By Nicholas Sparks. A man who had it all finds himself raising his daughter as a single father after he uncovers the truth about his marriage. [2]

(Flatiron Books, $16.99). By Liane Moriarty. A last minute bbq invitation causes betrayal, lust and intrigue among a pair of couples. [3]

(Anchor, $13). By Chinua Achebe. Twin dramas in the history of an Ibo village in Nigeria. [4]

(St. Martin's Griffin, $16.99). By B. A. Paris. A domestic thriller about a couple that appears to have it all. [6]

(Anchor, $15.95). By Margaret Atwood. A dystopian novel set in a theocratic-totalitarian state. [29]


(Scribner, $17). By Jeannette Walls. A daughter's memoir of her eccentric parents and unorthodox upbringing. [122]

(Andrews McMeel, $14.99) By Rupi Kaur. A collection of poetry and prose about survival. [61]

(Ballantine Books, $17). By Carol Dweck. Stanford University psychologist discusses the link between mindset and success. [84]

(Running Press, $16). By Jen Sincero. A guide that outlines how to live your best life. [74]

(Northfield, $15.99). By Gary Chapman. A guide to help communicate in relationships [237]

(Spiegel Grau, $16). By Wes Moore. Two boys with the same name, born a year apart, with similar childhoods, become very different adults. [1]

(Abingdon Press, $9.99). By Talbot Davis. A closer look at Nehemiah in the Bible and how the struggles he faced mirrors to the our issues today. [1]

(Harper Collins Christian Pub, $16.99). By Chrystal Evans Hurst. How women can take back their life and become the person they always wanted to be. [1]

(Harper Perennial, $15.99). By Thomas C. Foster. An explanation on how to read literature in an analytical way. [53]

(Back Bay Books, $16.99). By Malcolm Gladwell. Challenging assumptions about success. [50]



(Doubleday, $28.95). By John Grisham. A young novelist investigates a rare book dealer who dabbles in the black market. [10]

(Ballantine Books, $27). By Debbie Macomber. A woman develops a romance with a local church pastor, but the return of her brother threatens to derail her relationship. [2]

(Little, Brown Books, $28). By Michael Connelly. A detective who works the late shift is assigned to two cases that drives her to extremes. [4]

(Gallery, $26.99). By Ruth Ware. A deadly game concocted by four boarding-school friends has repercussions that follow them into adult life. [3]

(Touchstone, $27.99). By Philippa Gregory. Mary Grey must avoid catching the attention of Queen Elizabeth in order to keep her family's secrets. If Mary fails, she will face the same fate as her sisters - imprisonment or death. [1]

(Viking, $27). By Amor Towles. A Russian aristocrat is under house arrest in Moscow. [31]

(William Morrow, $27.99). By Karin Slaughter. Years after a horrific night that left her mother dead, Charlie is a witness to a town tragedy that brings up unwanted memories. [1]

(Harper, $28.99). By Daniel Silva. Another installment in the Gabriel Allon series centered on hunting down an ISIS mastermind. [5]

9. MRS. FLETCHER (Scribner, $26). By Tom Perrotta. A single mother delves into the world of porn while her son adapts to college life. [2]

(Bantam, $26). By Susan Elia MacNeal. Spy Maggie Hope is in Nazi occupied Paris and is on the quest to find her sister and fellow spy Erica Calvert. Calvert went missing and with, research about Normandy that'll play a key part in the D-Day invasion. [1]


(HarperCollins, $27.99). By J. D. Vance. A venture capitalist examines why the white working-class feels left behind. [55]

(Random House, $27). By Jeff Flake. Senator Jeff Flake looks into the current conservative party and calls for the party to refocus. [1]

(Howard Books, $26). By Brian Buffini. Born and raised in Ireland, Brian Buffini outlines how he made it big in America despite only arriving with 92 dollars. [1]

(HarperOne, $24.99). By Mark Manson . A different approach to living a happier life that argues against the idea of a positive attitude leads to a happy life. [19]

(Random House, $27). By Jeff Flake. Senator Jeff Flake looks into the current conservative party and calls for the party to refocus. [2]

(Twelve, $28). By Al Franken. The senator from Minnesota recounts how the grandson of Belarussian immigrants became a comedian and a legislator. [11]

(HarperCollins Christian Pub., $22.99). By Jen Hatmaker. A collection of short stories depicting snippets of the author's life that intertwines themes of courage, fun [1]

(Norton, $18.95). By Neil deGrasse Tyson. The astrophysicist offers an introductory lesson on the cosmos. [15]

(Regnery Publishing, $29.99). By Dinesh D'Souza. A political commentator's take on the link between the Democratic Party and Nazis. [2]

(Wright Robert, $27). By Robert Wright. Combining psychology and neuroscience, a look at why and how meditation works. [1]

(Penguin Press, $27). By Joshua Green. A look into the relationship between Steve Bannon and Donald Trump in the 2016 election. [4]

Rankings reflect sales for the week ended Aug 13. The charts may not be reproduced without permission from Nielsen BookScan. Copyright 2017 by Nielsen BookScan.