Yes, "The Walking Dead" has shown us many gruesome ways that zombies kill, but it's also taught us how to survive. Memorize this list now so you'll be ready when the undead apocalypse begins:

1. Hide in a tank a la Rick Grimes in the show's first episode. If a tank isn't available, amidsize SUV might work.

2. Throw a tarp over your head and douse it with zombie guts to mask your appealing human scent.

3. Don't bother with a gun: Kill zombies with a katana sword the way Michonne does.

4. It takes a village: Have someone else bludgeon the zombie for you.

5. Hold your nose and crawl under a dumpster, as Glenn did in season six.

6. Lead zombies to your enemies — they're just as delicious.

7. Do not get emotionally attached to a zombie, even if it used to be your blood relative. Simply bludgeon its skull and be on your way.

Karin Tanabe, a former Politico reporter, is the author of four novels, including her latest, "The Diplomat's Daughter."