Marvel superheroes get a spiffy update. Still, I miss my old DC Comics.

Updated volumes of Spider-Man, Black Panther, Captain America and Hulk bring welcome new relevance, but there’s something missing.

By Michael DirdaJuly 6, 2022

Washington Post hardcover bestsellers

A snapshot of popular books.

July 5, 2022

‘The Crane Wife’ is a romantic book for realists

CJ Hauser’s memoir-in-essays explores love, intimacy and grief with refreshing, relatable frankness

By Susan CollJuly 5, 2022

In ‘Florida Woman,’ wild animals aren’t as unpredictable as the humans

In Deb Rogers's debut novel, a woman arrested for a petty crime tries to start over at a wild animal sanctuary.

By Ellen MortonJuly 5, 2022

Paul Tremblay delivers another mind-bending horror novel

"The Pallbearers Club" is presented as a found memoir manuscript, complicated by the contradictory annotation of an enigmatic woman.

By Paul Di FilippoJuly 4, 2022

Richard Taruskin, provocative scholar of classical music, dies at 77

He published a six-volume history of Western music and was known for his strong opinions of composers.

By Tim PageJuly 2, 2022

The legacy for which this Cuban dissident fought is still unfolding

Oswaldo Payá defied Fidel Castro’s despotic regime and ultimately lost his life.

By Vanessa GarciaJuly 1, 2022

An anthem reflecting the wonder and warts of the nation that sings it

Controversy is nothing new for "The Star Spangled Banner."

By Colin WoodardJuly 1, 2022

If only humans could sense the world the way animals do

The premise of "An Immense World: How Animal Senses Reveal the Hidden Realms Around Us" is that every species has access to a different slice of reality.

By Sadie DingfelderJuly 1, 2022

How spiritualism linked the Lincolns and the Booths

Book review of "In the Houses of Their Dead: The Lincolns, the Booths, and the Spirits," by Terry Alford

By Dennis DrabelleJuly 1, 2022