Bill Clinton and James Patterson are back in action — and still ridiculous

(David Burnett/Little, Brown/Knopf/Russell James)
(David Burnett/Little, Brown/Knopf/Russell James)
“The President’s Daughter” is the follow-up to the duo’s 2018 bestseller “The President Is Missing.”
  • Jun 7
  • Perspective

Female-centered historical novels are dogged by questions of accuracy. Hence the author’s note.

Resistance to books that cast heroines with agency and hidden talents has declined, but only after a hard-fought battle.
  • 16 hours ago
  • Review

‘The Silent Patient’ was a huge hit. Next we have ‘The Maidens.’ Don’t believe the hype.

Alex Michaelides’s new thriller strains credulity. Also, the dialogue!
  • 1 day ago

The search for balance among four Americas

George Packer tackles the splintering of America in pursuit of a pathway to healing.
  • 3 days ago

A three-pronged examination into what happens to America next

A former Obama speech writer travels the world to uncover how we’re seen, and whether it matters
  • 3 days ago

What’s driving the pilots that will fly paying customers into space?

The stereotype of military and machismo is still prevalent if not exclusive, but the stories are complicated
  • 3 days ago

There was a cultural shift in 1974, and Los Angeles played a starring role

Shifts in movies, music and television reflected those in politics
  • 3 days ago
  • Review

With ‘Double Blind,’ Edward St. Aubyn tasks himself with a formidable challenge

The author of the Patrick Melrose series tries his hand at a novel of ideas.
  • 3 days ago

Chris Matthews’ new book catalogues his front-row seat to history

The former ‘Hardball’ host has proven insight into politics, but this volume doesn’t dig deep
  • 3 days ago

What death row looks like when you’re on it

We’ve heard stories about how people earned death sentences. Now here are stories about how they came to that moment.
  • Review

‘B-Side Books’ adds to your must-read stack with the best books you’ve never heard of

Launched in 2017, the essay series celebrates literature of “unsung, under-recognized genius.”
  • 4 days ago
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