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Jinwoo Chong's "Flux" is an ambitious debut novel that tackles multiple genres with varying success.

  • Charles Arrowsmith
  • ·

In ‘Picasso the Foreigner,’ Annie Cohen-Solal offers an ambitious but misguided interpretation of the great Spanish artist’s life.

  • Hugh Eakin
  • ·

Ralph White’s “Getting Out of Saigon” recalls the chaos and delusions that stood in the way of his efforts to evacuate Chase Manhattan’s Vietnamese employees.

  • Mark Atwood Lawrence
  • ·

In his history of the John Birch Society, Matthew Dallek says Republicans allowed the extreme fringe to “eventually cannibalize the entire party.”

  • Sam Adler-Bell
  • ·

At a three-day literary event, readers and writers descended on the late author’s hometown to honor and debate his legacy -- and eat some chopped liver

A snapshot of popular books.

In ‘The Undertow,’ Jeff Sharlet examines the anger powering American politics today.

  • Adam Fleming Petty
  • ·

Bart Ehrman reads the Book of Revelation in context, and offers a tour of historical reactions to it -- it wasn't until the 1830s that it was considered a timeline for the end.

  • David Dark
  • ·

Rachel Jamison Webster’s family history, “Benjamin Banneker and Us,” is a thoughtful blend of research, conversation and imagination.

  • Maud Newton
  • ·

Catherine Lacey’s new novel is presented as a book written by a fictional journalist who is investigating the life of her wife, a renowned and notorious artist.

  • Chris Kraus
  • ·
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