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A new edition of “The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Sleep,” a children’s storybook that promises “a new way of getting children to sleep,” sold more than 10,000 copies in two days, according to an article in Publishers Weekly. The book, originally self-published and now published by Random House, went on sale Oct. 2 with an initial print run of 300,000 copies.

A cult hit before Random House U.S. and Penguin Random House U.K. bought rights last month, the book uses language designed to make children sleepy. Its author, Carl-Johan Forssen Ehrlin, a 37-year-old former life coach and a communications consultant in Sweden, told The Washington Post that his book will “keep the child focused on relaxing and falling asleep instead of talking.” Ehrlin consulted with a hypnotist in developing the book and tested it on preschoolers.

Some parents swear by the “Rabbit” techniques — calming the child through a story that requires changes in voice, tone and the repetition of certain words. Others have found it difficult to get their children to comply.

The book is currently No. 18 on the Amazon bestseller list.

Nora Krug is a Book World editor.