Call it a Power-failure.

Sales of Naomi Alderman’s dystopian novel “The Power” have gone dark at and Amazon.

****HANDOUT IMAGE “The Power,” by Naomi Alderman, (credit: Little, Brown and Company) ***NOT FOR RESALE (Little, Brown)

It’s a problem every publisher dreads and dreams of. Online shoppers clamoring to get a hold of this fantastic novel are being told: “Temporarily Out of Stock.”

After winning the Women’s Prize for Fiction in Britain, “The Power” was published in the United States on Oct. 10 and immediately garnered enthusiastic reviews. (I called it our era’s “Handmaid’s Tale.”) Its fiery theme of female empowerment seemed to spark right off the day’s news about women standing up to sexual harassment.

It was a Book of the Month selection. Then it appeared on the year-end top 10 lists from The Washington Post, the New York Times and other publications.

Apparently, the demand overheated the circuits this week.

“All the great year-end ‘best of’ attention has really spiked sales for ‘The Power,’ ” said Sabrina Callahan, executive director of publicity at Little, Brown, the novel’s U.S. publisher. “We are now up to 60,000 copies in print — with much more to come.”

The last reprint was for 10,000 copies, and books are on their way to retailers now. Callahan said, “We expect that Amazon and B& will have stock by the end of the week, and there are books available at physical bookstores across the country.” (Amazon chief executive Jeffrey P. Bezos owns The Washington Post.)

So hang tight and don’t give up till “The Power” comes back on!

Ron Charles is the editor of Book World.