Margalit Fox’s new book is an enthralling tale about two British officers who broke out of a World War I POW camp with the help of a Ouija board.

Gerald Marzorati’s new book covers Williams’s tennis career, fashion aspirations, family life and social media presence.

  • Stuart Miller
  • ·

George Packer tackles the splintering of America in pursuit of a pathway to healing.

  • William Galston
  • ·

A former Obama speech writer travels the world to uncover how we’re seen, and whether it matters

  • Beverly Gage
  • ·

The stereotype of military and machismo is still prevalent if not exclusive, but the stories are complicated

  • Amelia Urry
  • ·

Shifts in movies, music and television reflected those in politics

  • Louis P. Masur
  • ·

The former ‘Hardball’ host has proven insight into politics, but this volume doesn’t dig deep

  • Charlotte Alter
  • ·

We’ve heard stories about how people earned death sentences. Now here are stories about how they came to that moment.

Launched in 2017, the essay series celebrates literature of “unsung, under-recognized genius.”

  • Abby McGanney Nolan
  • ·

‘The Ugly Cry’ is one of those memoirs that’s both funny and really sad — and in the end, uplifting.

  • Nneka McGuire
  • ·
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