If you’re new to YouTube’s BookTube, a community of readers who make videos about books, get started with these 10 channels.

The publishing house shares short interviews with authors, as well as cover reveals and book trailers.

These creative, compelling animated illustrations are designed to promote better understanding of Lewis’s works, such as “The Abolition of Man.”

Thoughtful discussions with Diana Evans, mostly on books by diverse authors, such as Judith Guest’s “Ordinary People.”

BookTube hall-of-famer Christine Riccio, who has more than 400,000 subscribers, posts a couple of chatty, amusing videos each week – including reviews, book-tailored yoga poses and a newbie’s guide to fantasy and sci-fi.

Six seasons of hilarious summaries of the classics in gangster-speak, paired with thoughtful analysis.

Popular authors – Taffy Brodesser-Akner, Amber Tamblyn – share what they’re reading; plus six monthly recommendations around a theme, such as foodie books, and ­
20-minute “book club discussion” chats.

Charming U.K. reader Simon Savidge delves into literary fiction; look for cameos by authors, other BookTubers and his endearing “mum.”

Vlogger and author brothers Hank and John Green teach a variety of topics, including a terrific series on literature: fun, classroom-ready lessons on “Pride and Prejudice,” “The Great Gatsby” and dozens of other titles.

Reviews and recommendations from a 10-year-old “dapper dude” – a prolific reader who’s interested in both kid lit and more advanced titles.

This YA-centric community shares weekly “book nerd problem” videos, plus author interviews, book trailers and suggestions for culturally diverse contemporary YA books.

—  Angela Haupt

Angela Haupt is a freelance writer and full-time health editor in the District.