1 PEOPLE WE MEET ON VACATION (Berkley, $16). By Emily Henry. Two college best friends who had a falling out reunite for one more vacation together.
2 THE SONG OF ACHILLES (Ecco, $16.99). By Madeline Miller. The legend of Achilles retold from the point of view of his friend Patroclus.
3 CIRCE (Back Bay, $16.99). By Madeline Miller. This follow-up to “The Song of Achilles” is about the goddess who turns Odysseus’s men to swine.
4 ANXIOUS PEOPLE (Washington Square, $17). By Fredrik Backman. A failed bank robber holds a group of anxious strangers as hostages.
5 HAMNET (Vintage, $16.95). By Maggie O’Farrell. An account of Shakespeare and his wife’s early marriage and the grief they share over their only son’s untimely death.
6 WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING (Putnam, $18). By Delia Owens. A young outcast finds herself at the center of a local murder trial.
7 THE NIGHT WATCHMAN (Harper Perennial, $18). By Louise Erdrich. A night watchman who is also a Chippewa Council member battles Native dispossession in 1953.
8 THE SILENT PATIENT (Celadon, $17.99). By Alex Michaelides. A psychotherapist is consumed with finding out why a woman killed her husband.
9 BEACH READ (Berkley, $16). By Emily Henry. Two writers who are summer neighbors challenge each other to write novels in each other’s genres.
10 THE HOUSE IN THE CERULEAN SEA (Tor, $18.99). By TJ Klune. A caseworker is sent to investigate six magical misfits at an island orphanage.


1 BRAIDING SWEETGRASS: INDIGENOUS WISDOM, SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE AND THE TEACHINGS OF PLANTS (Milkweed Editions, $18). By Robin Wall Kimmerer. Essays by an Indigenous scientist offer lessons in reciprocal awareness between people and plants.
2 THE BODY KEEPS THE SCORE (Penguin, $19). By Bessel van der Kolk. A scientific look at how trauma can reshape a person’s body and brain.
3 ENTANGLED LIFE (Random House, $18). By Merlin Sheldrake. A biologist explains the importance of fungi to our bodies and the environment.
4 THE BODY (Anchor, $17). By Bill Bryson. A look at the functions of the human body from head to toe.
5 SAPIENS (Harper Perennial, $24.99). By Yuval Noah Harari. A scientific and historic look at how humankind has inhabited Earth for thousands of years.
6 ALL WE CAN SAVE (One World, $18). Edited by Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and Katharine K. Wilkinson. Essays by an array of women working in various fields speak to different aspects of the climate crisis.
7 VESPER FLIGHTS (Grove Press, $17). By Helen Macdonald. Essays explore relationships between animals and humans.
8 THE FOUR AGREEMENTS (Amber-Allen, $12.95). By Don Miguel Ruiz. The self-help classic reveals four principles to follow for a happier life.
9 HOOD FEMINISM (Penguin, $16). By Mikki Kendall. Essays exploring whether women of different socioeconomic and racial backgrounds can find common interests.
10 BORN A CRIME (One World, $18). By Trevor Noah. The “Daily Show” host recounts his upbringing in South Africa during apartheid.

Mass Market

1 DUNE (Ace, $10.99). By Frank Herbert. In the classic science fiction novel, a young boy survives a family betrayal on an inhospitable planet.
2 1984 (Signet, $9.99). By George Orwell. The classic novel about the perils of a totalitarian police state.
3 ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD (Harper Perennial, $9.99). By Quentin Tarantino. The filmmaker’s novel, inspired by his Academy Award-winning movie, follows a fading movie star in the late 1960s.
4 ANIMAL FARM (Signet, $9.99). By George Orwell. Animals stage a workers’ coup on a farm, then devolve into a totalitarian state, in this classic broadside against Stalinism.
5 GOOD OMENS (William Morrow, $9.99). By Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. A novel imagining the end of the world and the fallout.
6 THE CATCHER IN THE RYE (Little, Brown, $9.99). By J.D. Salinger. The classic novel of teenage angst.
7 DUNE MESSIAH (Ace, $9.99). By Frank Herbert. The second book in the Dune Chronicles picks up the story of Paul Atreides 12 years after he becomes emperor of the known universe.
8 LORD OF THE FLIES (Perigee, $11). By William Golding. The classic, unsettling tale of English schoolboys stranded on a deserted isle.
9 AMERICAN GODS (Morrow, $9.99). By Neil Gaiman. An ex-con embarks on a road trip and encounters a slew of dark characters.
10 THE SHINING (Anchor, $8.99). By Stephen King. A writer and his family decamp to an old hotel as caretakers and slowly discover supernatural threats.

Rankings reflect sales for the week ended July 11. The charts may not be reproduced without permission from the American Booksellers Association, the trade association for independent bookstores in the United States, and Copyright 2021 American Booksellers Association. (The bestseller lists alternate between hardcover and paperback each week.)