Moving on the grid

Using the keyboard:

Use the arrow keys to move up, down, left, and right. Press Enter (not Tab) to jump to the next word in the grid, and Shift-Enter to jump to the previous word.
Press Backspace to erase the letter to the immediate left of the cursor.
Press Delete to erase the current letter. As you type, if the current word is not completely filled in, the cursor will jump over letters you've already entered.

Using the mouse:

Click the current square to change direction.
Click a different square to jump to that square. Click without dragging to maintain the current direction. Click and drag in a given direction to select that direction.
Click any clue to select the corresponding word in the grid.

Scrolling clues

The clues for both the current and crossing grid entries are displayed in red.
A box surrounds the current clue.
The Across and Down clue lists scroll automatically as you move around the grid.
Click a clue to select it and the corresponding grid entry.
Click and drag a clue to both select and reposition it.
Click a scroll bar above or below its slider, or drag the slider itself, to scroll a clue list without changing the grid selection.

Checking solutions

Click one or more of the icons below the grid to check your solution; click Clear All to clear the puzzle and begin again.

Click the Reveal Letter icon to show the correct entry for a particular grid square.
Click the Reveal Word icon to show the correct entry for a particular grid slot.
Click the Solution icon to show the full, correct solution.
Click the Check icon to mark any entries in the grid that are incorrect.
Click the Clear All icon to clear the grid and start from scratch. Refresh your browser to reset.

Trouble loading the puzzle

In order to see the crossword, you must have the latest version of Java installed on your computer. If you continue to experience difficulties, you should make sure you have the latest updates for your browser as well. (Instructions for updating: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari)