People magazine named Gwyneth Paltrow the World’s Most Beautiful Woman for 2013.

Not that you needed another reason to hate, er, love the 40-year-old actress.

Earlier this month, Washington Post Style writer Monica Hesse examined the complicated relationship Paltrow has with fans (and non-fans) while taste-testing the health-conscious recipes in Paltrow’s cookbook “It’s All Good: Delicious, Easy Recipes That Will Make You Look Good and Feel Great.”

Here’s how Hesse described Paltrow’s unique brand of celebrity:

There are other celebrities in America who are more clueless, more doe-dazed than Gwyneth. But they don’t lay themselves bare the way she does, nakedly offering herself up for scrutiny again and again, a flayed fillet of fame. In 2008 she was just an actress, a good one, the Oscar-winner in the Pepto ball gown, who seemed coltish but kind. Then she launched Goop, billed as a way to help readers save time, simplify their lives, feel inspired and generally share “all of life’s positives.”

Commenters on Hesse’s article also had a lot to say about Paltrow and her dietary restrictions. Here are some takes from our readers:

simon2 : It's true, I could un-subscribe from GOOP but there is a strange fascination in seeing how ghastly Gwyneth can get.... her idea of what a normal person would spend for a throw is so way off. To her $1000 is 10 cents. I wonder how she could get a realistic idea of what ordinary people are, do, spend and eat?

awoaca : No Gwyneth, no book. My life has enough irony.

From Commenter danaman:

Ha ha LOL - what a hoot of an article!  
Spewed my organic fair trade lovingly gathered chamomile tips tea gently infused on a sunny windowsill in a lead-free crystal cup all over my dust-free, sanitized with (organic, of course) first crush apple cider vinegar keyboard. 
Now I have to get up and joyfully repeat the tea-making and keyboard purifying whilst inhaling cleansing deep breaths through alternating nostrils. 
By tomorrow's glorious, multi-hued, cloud-studded sunset, I should be ready to read today's news, focusing on the now and present.


I'm confused, I thought we just loved to love her. I'm always the last to know that "we're" "over" something/someone. 

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