What Corcoran executives say it would cost to renovate and remain on 17th Street NW.

Total project cost: $130 million

Construction: $102,178,268

Design and engineering: Approximately 30% of construction costs

Total gross square footage: 176,170

Total usable square footage: 129,010

Cost per usable square foot: $1,008

Three construction phases over four years:

First phase: $61,986,807

Sample work:

●New roof and skylights over the Clark wing ($11 million)

●Sprinkler system ($28 million)

●Upgrade heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)

●Upgrade retaining wall on 17th Street NW

●Replace original elevators

Second phase: $12,230,811

Sample work:

●Americans with Disabilities Act access upgrades

●Data, fiber optic and telecommunications installation

Third phase: $27,960,650

Sample work:

●Demolish and rebuild college space

●Restore public gallery spaces

●Build art storage

— Compiled by David Montgomery

Sources: Corcoran Gallery of Art; Stuart-Lynn Co.