‘Global Warming’

One-man hit factory Pitbull isn’t just really good at making music that people enjoy listening to while partying — he’s really good at assuaging the guilt of people who like to party.

On his seventh studio album, “Global Warming,” Mr. Worldwide convinces us that we all need a break from our workaday lives. And by a break he means a never-ending night of drunken debauchery set to a throbbing soundtrack of Spanglish hip-pop.

“Drinks For You (Ladies Night),” featuring Jennifer Lopez, is light on the pulsating synths Pitbull favors, and big on encouraging “my single ladies and single mothers raising babies” to toss back a couple and unwind. When Pitbull says, “Women with power/Meet me at happy hour,” who can refuse?

“Party Ain’t Over,” with Usher, prompts party-goers to ignore the urge to pack it in after midnight. “It’s 3 a.m. and it’s too many women/She’s just beginning the time of her life,” goes the hook.

And Pitbull isn’t just trying to get the 20-somethings of the world to let loose — he wants older people to cut up in the club, too. Why else would he offer a title track that includes the familiar, shudder-inducing opening strains of the ’90s dance hit “Macarena”? Meanwhile, “Feel This Moment,” featuring Christina Aguilera, borrows a few bars from ’80s pop band A-Ha’s hit “Take On Me” and “I Got A Feeling” repurposes a line from Sheryl Crow’s “All I Wanna Do.”

Pitbull's “Global Warming” (RCA Records)

There’s no age limit to partying in Pitbull’s universe.

Sarah Godfrey

Recommended tracks:

“Drinks For You (Ladies Night),” “Feel This Moment,” “Party Ain’t Over”