Ever wonder what happened to Nora, the protagonist of Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House,” after she left her husband and children, slamming the door behind her? Or Alice of “Through the Looking Glass” fame in the years after her adventures? No? Me neither. But composer Daniel Felsenfeld has and has fashioned possible sequels into two short operas, “Nora, in the Great Outdoors” on a libretto by Will Eno and the world premiere of “Alice in the Time of the Jabberwock” on a Robert Coover libretto, that the contemporary opera company UrbanArias has paired as “She, After” and is performing, until Nov. 17, at the Artisphere in Arlington.

They are short (the two, together with a five-minute instrumental interlude, came in under an hour); both are scored for a soprano and piano trio; they share a single simple set (really just a door and a chair), and both inhabit a world of dark humor and regret — Nora, out in the cold on the other side of the door, for the elusiveness of truth, and Alice, now middle-aged and gray-haired but still in her white Alice dress and pinafore, for her lost youth.

Emily Pulley is the soprano in this production and, in its opening on Saturday, she nailed it, navigating the angular recitative with an ease that sounded like intense conversational inflection and, in that small intimate space, communicating powerfully with the audience. Her low range is as full and compelling as her top and Felsenfeld’s score needed all of this.

The instrumental trio was sure-footed in a score that mirrored the evolving emotional states and anxieties of the two women. Beth Greenberg’s stage direction was unfussy but powerful, and Robert Wood, UrbanArias’s general director, oversaw a cohesive and musically compelling experience.

Reinthaler is a freelance writer.

‘She, After’

Presented by UrbanArias. Music by Daniel Felsenfeld. Librettos by Will Eno and Robert Coover. Music directed by Robert Wood. Stage direction by Beth Greenberg. Set and costumes by Valerie Bart. About one hour. Tickets $25. Through Nov. 17 at Artisphere, 1101 Wilson Blvd., Arlington.

Call (888) 841-2787 or visit www.urbanarias.org.

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