The 2012 Academy Award nominations were announced Tuesday, with Martin Scorsese’s “Hugo” leading the way with 11 nominations and the silent, black-and-white film “The Artist” collecting 10.

First-time nominees included Jonah Hill as best supporting actor for “Moneyball,” Gary Oldman as best actor for “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” and Demian Bichir for “A Better Life.” Celebritology blogger Jen Chaney explains Bichir’s nomination:

Perhaps the biggest one today came in the form of Demian Bichir, a Mexican actor who played a struggling immigrant father in the film “A Better Life,” the role that gave him his first Oscar nomination for best actor. (You also may recognize him as Fidel Castro from “Che,” or Esteban from Showtime’s “Weeds.”)

He had already earned strong critical praise for his turn in the small indie film, so industry insiders and avid film buffs were certainly aware of his work. But somehow, Bichir was largely overlooked by the online Oscar-prognosticating machine, on the assumption that a Leonardo DiCaprio or Michael Fassbender was more likely to join the nominated-lead-actor company. Clearly that was wrong.

Chaney cited the lack of nominations for Michael Fassbender, Leonardo Di Caprio, Albert Brooks and “The Adventures of TinTin” as the worst snubs by the academy. About Brooks, she writes:

The man campaigned steadfastly, even on Twitter, to no avail. Fortunately, Brooks has a sense of humor about his snub. And, of course, he can always seek comfort from his adorable son, Nemo.

Also on Celebritology, Sarah Anne Hughes chronicled Brooks’s Twitter reaction to the nominations.

At least he seems to be taking the loss well. Shortly after the nominations were announced, he tweeted, “I got ROBBED. I don't mean the Oscars, I mean literally. My pants and shoes have been stolen.”

Actress Meryl Streep collected her 17th nomination, for her performance as Margaret Thatcher in “The Iron Lady.” That just adds to her record, writes Hughes.

She firmly holds the record for most nominations, though she’s only won twice. Jack Nicholson and Katharine Hepburn follow with 12.


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