Dear Mr. Kennicott,

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your review of the Charlotte Dumas exhibit.

I’m not sure I’ll make it to the Corcoran to see what must be a lovely exhibit. I live way out in western Loudoun County, and trips to D.C. are a major pain.

But what I really wanted to tell you is how moved I was by your writing. What a beautiful piece! From Chekhov to the final sentence, it brought tears to my eyes. Just lovely. I read it and reached down and gave our dog Mya a massive hug because you made me realize all over again how special our bond is. (This, despite the fact that she stole last night’s kielbasa off the counter when we weren’t looking.)

Anyhow, thank you so much for your article. You are a gifted writer. You made my day.

Mary Ball


Dear Mr. Kennicott,

In an era when some of the most renowned U.S. opera companies such as the Washington National Opera equate a musical to grand opera (who do WNO-Kennedy Center think they are kidding by selecting “Showboat” as one of their five “operas” this coming season?), it was highly refreshing to be reminded that the Santa Fe Opera is keeping the highest standards expected from true opera fans. Thank you for your Aug. 22 article! Hope WNO takes it to heart before us loyal subscribers take our business elsewhere. Santa Fe, here we come!

Arlyn Garcia-Perez

North Bethesda

Dear Mr. Kennicott,

Thank you for your story of Aug. 22 about the Santa Fe Opera. I have been a Washington Opera subscriber going back to when it was the Opera Society of Washington. I didn’t renew this year (will buy a ticket for Don G. if I get a chance — no such thing as too much Mozart). I might have renewed if WNO had substituted for one or more of its other war horses even one of the three unusual Santa Fe choices — “King Roger,” the Rossini “Maometto II” and/or Strauss’s “Arabella.”

Cornelia Strawser