"Scandal" stars Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope (Danny Feld/ABC)

Warning: This recap contains spoilers.

I’m still trying to catch my breath. There were so many surprises on this week’s “Scandal,” I feel like the episode should have come with a warning: Prepare yourself (and make sure you fill up one of Olivia’s crazy big wine glasses.).

Can I just say how much I loved Fitz and Mellie together and in love? Does that meanI’m on Team Jake? We see them together 15 years ago — Malibu Mellie (okay, Santa Barbara) with her tan and youthful energy and Fitz, with his sweatshirts and Daddy issues, make a really cute couple.

I feel like the writers have really tried to make Mellie more likeable this season and Thursday’s episode was the pinnacle of that. We see the most vulnerable side of our first lady and learn that she was once raped by Big Jerry (Fitz’s dad). Later in the episde, it’s suggested that Big Jerry could actually be the father of Fitz and Mellie’s son Jerry. Which would make him Fitz’s brother, but probably doesn’t mean that we’ll ever actually see him.

There were little surprises, too. Cyrus was married before. To a woman! Fitz didn’t know that Rowan was Olivia’s father. The Operation Remington cover-up goes deeper than we thought. Olivia can’t let the Fitz Phone go to voicemail, which isn’t a surpise at all.

Also not a surprise: Mama Pope is alive! I know I wasn’t the only one screaming “I knew it” at the TV (or Twitter). This is unbeknownst to the gladiators, working to find out what happened to Maya Lewis.

Sadly, Harrison faded into the background of this episode. But then again, we didn’t really see much of Huck or Abby, whose main contribution to the storyline was the unsolicited hug she gave Olivia. I have a feeling that there’s a blooper reel somewhere of Kerry Washington and Darby Stanchfield bursting into laughter as Abby informs her boss that the embrace is not optional and leans in?

The gladiator to watch, was of course, Quinn, whose Huck-y ambitions took a twisted turn. Poor Quinn should know that making out with Creepy Charlie is totally the kiss of death. And let’s not even talk about the glow she had when she strolled into the building to offer the security guard (who might have information about the flight that Fitz shot down) a drug-induced nap. Only she didn’t put him to sleep. She killed him.

Quinn may be horrified, but someone is impressed as Charlie informs her that she now belongs to B613. This is bad. Very, very bad.

Back at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Fitz licks his Livvie-won’t-forgive-me wounds, whole Mellie does an exhaustive interview and White House tour for a journalist who is not James? Mellie eventually convinces Fitz to get on board. “The least you could do is be my friend, even a little bit. The least you could do is show up. Show up for me.” Tear.

Mellie proves once again why Fitz needs her in his corner. She and Cyrus narrow in on Sally, catering to her husband’s wandering eye, which they wrongly assume is cast on the ladies. The truth, which Sally appears to have accepted, was revealed as Daniel drunkenly flirted with James (who had just been fired from the job I never believed he had).

Fitz looks into Rowan and realizes that he’s Olivia’s dad. The dad who knows that Olivia’s mother is alive and goes to visit her in a dark cell.

Our gladiators will figure it out soon enough. Except maybe not Quinn. She’s got a lot going on.

Lingering questions: What has Mama Pope been up to? How long before Huck finds out that Quinn has fallen downthe B613 rabbit hole? Will Fitz find out that Jerry may not be his? Also, where is David Rosen? Paging Dabby.