Writer-performer Heidi Schreck’s hit “What the Constitution Means to Me” has landed a Broadway engagement this March, which means the show will not be playing Woolly Mammoth this spring as scheduled. The open slot will be filled by Liza Jessie Peterson’s “The Peculiar Patriot,” a solo show on prison issues that premiered at New York’s National Black Theatre in 2017.

“Liza’s character stands for loved ones outside prison, but she spends lot of time going to visit, to boost the morale of people on the inside,” says Woolly Artistic Director Maria Manuela Goyanes. “It’s about how much the criminal justice system is affecting very large networks of communities and families. It’s not just the people in the prison.”

Goyanes says Peterson is “in the vein” of soloists Sarah Jones, Nilaja Sun and Anna Dea­vere Smith, performers playing multiple roles and taking on contemporary social issues. Mass incarceration is Peterson’s topic, Goyanes says, and “The Peculiar Patriot” “schools us a bit about how we got to this point.” The show will be presented in association with National Black Theatre and Hi-ARTS.

Will Schreck bring her popular “What the Constitution Means to Me” to Woolly at a later date?

“I know Heidi really wants to perform in D.C.,” Goyanes says. “We are working with the commercial producers to see what that would look like.”