“Arrow” (Wednesday at 8 p.m., CW)

The Green Arrow, a bit player in the DC Comics universe, gets a sleek revamp in this CW action-adventure adaptation, which has at least two things going for it: archery, which might already be so last year to finicky teens, and lead actor Stephen Amell, who will definitely make some viewers, um, quiver.

Amell plays Oliver, a party-boy heir whose yacht sinks and leaves him stranded on an island for five years, where he picks up archery, martial arts, parkour, fantastic abs and a wicked “Dark Knight” complex. “Arrow” is as much about back story as present-day action, as Ollie returns to fictional Starling City and works to uncover some sort of criminal plot that involved his father.

There is absolutely nothing new about anything seen here — including Ollie’s “Hamlet”-like Oedipal issues about his mother’s remarriage and the pomposity that lurks on every parapet in comic-book movies and TV shows — and yet “Arrow” has nice aim.

Grade: B-