What happened to the teen stars of “The Buddy Deane Show” after the program that made them famous went off the air? Check out the latest from the Deaners and get the full behind the scenes story of Buddy Deane and “Hairspray” here.

Linda Snyder, 69, and Gene Snyder, 70

On the show: Gene joined in February 1958; Linda was on from September 1958 to February 1961

Now: The two were married in 1962, had two sons and six grandchildren. Gene was a captain of the Baltimore City Fire Department and retired in 2000; Linda worked in advertising and retired in 2004.

Vicki Defeo, 65

On the show: End of 1961-January 1964*

Now: She worked in finance and retired as an executive administrative assistant. She is married and has a daughter, stepdaughter, stepson and six grandchildren. She lives in Baltimore County.

Former dancers from the Buddy Deane Show: (l-r) Jerry Manowski, Charlie LoPresto, Lola Jones, Concetta and John Sankonis, Suzy Costello, Shirley Joyce, Linda and Gene SnyderAnne Boyer Tempera and Rich Tempera, Frani and Wayne Hahn. (backrow) Joe Loverde, Vicki Defeo, Bil Bertazon, and Marie Fischer Cooke Shapiro. (Marvin Joseph/THE WASHINGTON POST)
Marie Shapiro, 64

On the show: June 1963-January 1964*

Now: Got married, had two children and then went back to school. She attended Goucher College and then went to law school at the University of Maryland; she’s currently a practicing attorney in Baltimore.

Frani Hahn, 64, and Wayne Hahn, 65

On the show: End of 1961-January 1964*

Now: The Hahns have stayed in Baltimore. They were married in 1966 and have one daughter. For the past 17 years, the’ve owned a travel agency, Francesca & Company Travel.

Mary Lou Barber, 65

(not photographed)

On the show: Spring 1960-January 1964*

Now: After the show, Barber got married, had two children and three grandchildren. She’s been a Realtor for the past 20 years and lives outside Philadelphia.

Almost 20 of the original stars of “The Buddy Deane Show” show off their signature dance, “The Madison.” (Jessica Goldstein/The Washington Post)
Lola Jones (then Cantela), 65

Late 1961-January 1964*

Jerry Manowski, 68

September 1959-mid-1962

Charlie LoPresto, 65

June 1961-November 1961

Concetta Sankonis (then Comi), 66

October 1960-December 1962

John Sankonis, 67

December 1959-December 1962

Suzy Costello, (then Bennett), 65

Spring 1962-January 1964

Joe Loverde, 69

Fall 1959-spring 1960

Bill Bertazon, 66

End of 1960-end of 1961

Shirley Joyce (then Temes), 66

Early 1961-1963

Anne Boyer Tempera (then Boyer), 68

September 1957-June 1961

Richard Tempera, 70

September 1960-end of 1961

■Indicates person mentioned in story

* Indicates person was on the show
until the last episode