(All times Eastern.)

Masters of Illusion (CW at 8) Featuring a human voodoo doll and a seance.

Ancient Aliens (History at 9) Explore the theory of aliens visiting Earth from the star Sirius B.


Dark (Netflix streaming) Season 2.

Girls Incarcerated (Netflix streaming) Season 2.

Haunted Towns (Travel Channel at 10) Season 2.


The Confession Tapes (Netflix streaming) A true-crime series that includes audio recordings of criminals and law enforcement.

Bolívar (Netflix streaming) A dramatization of the life of Gen. Simón Bolívar. English subtitles.

Ad Vitam (Netflix streaming) In a future when humans have the ability to live forever, a slew of youths commit suicide.

Mr. Iglesias (Netflix streaming) Comic Gabriel Iglesias plays a high school teacher struggling to help kids at his alma mater.

Ghosts of Morgan City (Travel at 9) A team investigates paranormal occurrences in the Louisiana town.

Late Night

Late Show/Colbert (CBS at 11:35) Naomi Watts, the Raconteurs.

Real Time/Maher (CBS at 11:35) Allan Lichtman, Dan Savage, Liz Mair, Thom Hartmann, Debra Soh.

Sarah Polus