●“MADE IN JERSEY” premieres at 9 p.m. on CBS

Another lawyer show, in which somebody wondered (and then pitched to CBS): What would happen if, like, Snooki or JWoww went to law school, worked for a time in the Trenton district attorney’s office and then got scooped up as an entry-level associate in a pricey New York law firm? The concept is that this bawdy Joisey girl will show stuffy Manhattan lawyers (including Kyle MacLachlan as her boss) how the real world works.

And just when I thought I had finally accepted the fact that most American TV shows will from now on be cast with British (or Australian) drama school alumni, here comes the jarring sight of Janet Montgomery, whose own voice is pure tea and crumpets, trying way too hard as rookie defense lawyer Martina Garretti. She rushes to co-whut (court) and puts the full glottal stop on “affidavit,” and we get the point in about five minutes. She’s all pluck and stilettos, and when the day is done, she returns to her typical big Italian family — who might as well be cardboard cutouts eating Ragu out of the jar.

— Hank Stuever

Grade: F