Warning: This recap contains spoilers.

Hey, Popeheads (h/t David Rosen).

I feel like I have more questions than answers after this week’s episode. Where do I start? Why don’t we start with the fact that Mama Pope went all Hannibal Lecter on her wrists. Rowan seemed a little underwhelmed at first. At least, the doctor understood the severity of the situation. “She ate her wrists, sir.”

First question: Can a person actually eat their own wrists?

Actually, don’t answer that.

Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope (Michael Ansell/AP)

Despite his unwillingness to let Maya free long enough to see Olivia, we eventually saw a different side of Papa Pope — one who saves press clippings of his uber-successful daughter and takes them to his wife’s bedside so she can see a glimpse of the woman her daughter has grown up to be.

As Olivia helps Josie Marcus with her latest scandal — a break-in that we eventually discover was staged by Josie’s daughter, Candace, she’s besieged with calls from Fitz, who wants to talk about Papa Pope and why Olivia never told Fitz that Rowan was her father. At one point, our girl actually let the Fitz Phone go to voicemail. That shock (and I’ll admit admiration) quickly fizzled when she caved and followed Fitz toVermont (by helicopter though?) Biggest. Eyeroll. Ever.

Is some mood lighting, a few orchards and a greenhouse enough for Olivia to forget that Fitz (as far as she thinks) is behind her mother’s death? I’ll give it to Fitz though, he talks a good game.

“This was going to be you and me raising a family and growing old in this house. it was supposed to be ours and I just wanted you to see it once, at least once before I sell it. I wanted you to see the dream.”

On Twitter, a Mellie-inspired parody account @Drunk_Mellie tweeted this gem: “A house is not a home...#Scandal.”

A few questions: Did Fitz forget that he already has a family, like an entire family, children included? Olivia didn’t know that her father was the head of B613, right? So she couldn’t have told Fitz that when she met him. Why didn’t she tell him that — continuity error or some type of Popelovian strategy?

What better time than the morning after to talk about needing to kill someone’s father? Olivia takes a page from her father and grants Fitz her blessing. “Do what you have to do.”

Mellie, no stranger to this approach, quickly figures out what’s going on. How uncomfortable was it when she made that poor White House aide call Fitz and Olivia only to have both of their phones go to voicemail. Side note: really, Fitz has the White House seal as the background on his phone?

Mellie also has her hands busy helping her partner-in-crime, Cyrus, go after Sally Langston. Caught in the crosshairs are Sally’s husband, Daniel Douglas, and our an unemployed/very bored James. It’s as, Mellie warns, “a new low,” but then again, Cyrus was once thisclose to having his hubby taken out by a hitman. Setting him up for a fluffy interview with the vice president’s secretly gay husband? Small potatoes. After Daniel reveals that Mellie told him Cyrus and James’s marriage was an open one, James figures out what’s going on. Did he actually sleep with Daniel? Or did he just make it look like he did?

Either way, it looks like his and Cyrus’s marriage might be over.

Also in trouble: Quinn, who always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. She tries unsuccessfully to cover her tracks as the gladiators investigate who killed the security guard. Just as Huck starts to warm up to her, he discovers that she was behind the murder. And that means that Quinn is in store for a little torture sesh.

And this is where I make my appeal: Please don’t hurt Baby Huck. Previews for the winter finale would indicate that my appeal will go unanswered.

It was nice to see Dabby again, living in domestic bliss. She even makes him wear snore clips. Adorable.

And Harrison! Shirtless Harrison mixed business with pleasure. The moment I saw him lecture Candace on her political missteps, I knew it was on. Let’s hear it for Harrison’s social life!

Mama Pope, who has been lacking a social life (or any kind of life, really), manages to escape after attacking the doctor, sent to sedate her for her flight to somewhere far away. It’s hard to believe that someone who noshed on their own flesh would be up for killing someone, but maybe that’s just me. Equally unbelievable is that she’d be able to just pop on over to where Olivia happens to be.

I guess she did what she had to do.

Lingering questions: Why has Mama Pope been locked up for so long? What is Fitz planning for Rowan? Have we seen the last of Lisa Kudrow? Is Huck really going to torture his protege? Also, Harrison’s totally single now, right?