Warning: This recap contains spoilers.

So, gladiators, Did “Scandal” satisfy your Halloween sweet tooth? I feel like I just binged on all my favorite candy and one or two pieces I didn’t like. Now I’m crashing from the sugar and my parents just told me I can’t have any more candy until next Thursday.

This week’s episode started out perfectly for me because admitting you have a problem is always the first step, right? Olivia’s at dinner with Papa Pope and he sassily points out that his daughter hasn’t yet accused him “of any crimes against humanity.” Love his maniacal laugh! Olivia counters with a heaping dose of know thyself and reminds her father of his propensity toward power moves..

“So, instead of speaking my mind, instead of being the brave outspoken girl my mother taught me to be, I’m chewing my food. I’m fulfilling my contract.”

Well, girl, I’m glad I didn’t have to say it. You haven’t been very gladiator-esque lately.

I feel like Olivia’s finally getting some of her grit back, a few Fitz-related poutyfaces notwithstanding. When Josephine Marcus, the Democratic congresswoman from last week’s episode, comes to Olivia seeking help with her secret baby (now a 30-year-old woman), Liv knows just what to do. She dispatches her associates to Montana, to find (and bury) all the related dirt they can find.

Also in Montana: Ethan, the White House staffer known for retrieving Cyrus’s soup and reminding us that it can never get cold. Ethan is no match for the gladiators, however restless they may be.

Huck is preoccupied with helping his new BFF, Jake, uncover Fitz’s role in Operation Remington, Quinn is focused on living up to her Baby Huck-ness, while Abby marinates over David’s request that she be his date to the White House Correspondents Dinner. Dabby + Nerd Prom = All the feelings!

Harrison is Olivia-by-proxy, but he does also seem a little preoccupied...with Dabby. Hmmm. No judgement, Harrison. Team Fitz still “got Poped” (point, Ethan). And to be honest, I was preoccupied with the taxidermy.

Back in Washington, sidekicks Mellie and Cyrus try to convince someone who sounds a lot like season one Olivia Pope to come and work for Fitz’s campaign. After some real talk and a firm no, Cy reaches out to his old friend Liv, who is undermining Cyrus and his Team Fitz efforts on behalf of her latest client.

I loved Cyrus’s genuine horror as he told Mellie: “I gave her a world class education in the dark arts!”

Mellie and Cyrus weren’t the only ones teaming up for a cause. Jake and Huck had some great exchanges, though Jake wins hands down for “were you even in B613?” Burn.

Jake also calls Olivia out about her Fitz Phone (is it just me or is that thing an actual flip phone?) and we learn that Olivia always vetted Fitz’s WHCD jokes, waah. When Olivia and Fitz finally spoke on said phone, she encouraged him to take all of his moral shortcomings and “dive in. own it.” it was easily the most annoying, adolescent exchange of the episode.

Fitz: “I’m hiding from Mellie in the bathroom.” (like, totally)

Olivia: ”I just dug the phone out of the trash.” (O.M.G.)

This episode was truly a Tale of Two Olivias — and the levelheaded one proved that her gut still worked as Josephine realized Olivia would not steer her wrong. I’m liking Lisa Kudrow’s arc enough to not bring up Smellycat (whoops).

The other Olivia, the one who is gaga for Fitz, takes Jake to the Correspondents Dinner. He feels used (and he is), but would you look at that dress? And the strut that goes with it? I liked Jake even more when he told Olivia he wouldn’t “play second fiddle to anyone, not even the president.” The president, it should be noted, makes some jokes that are beyond uncomfortable given Mellie’s presence.

Ironic that she would be the person willing to play second fiddle. Our first lady puts her pride aside and begs Olivia to come and work for Fitz’s campaign. It's always right when you find someone new that your old flames come crawling back. Am I right?

While everyone was courting Olivia, sadly, our Dabby date was foiled. But how sweet was it when they finally discussed the reason? And how gorgeous was Abby’s pale green gown?

This dinner sure seemed short and devoid of afterparties. By the end, Huck thinks he’s discovered Fitz’s role in Operation Remington, one that means that the president himself is responsible for the death of Olivia’s mother.

How will the writers of “Scandal” play this? Will we think Fitz killed Olivia’s mom for several episodes only to learn that he didn’t or that she’s still alive? I wish I could say I have no problem with waiting until next week, but I have to admit it: I’m waiting with bated breath. Parents: Where did you hide the candy?

Hey, at least I owned it.

Lingering questions: What is Baby Huck planning to do with that gun? Will Olivia choose to work for Josephine or Fitz? Why doesn’t Olivia realize how perfect Jake is? Also, Olivia, may I please borrow that amazing white Prada bag?