Warning: this recap contains spoilers.

Well ‘Scandal,’ you more than made up for not letting me have of Thanksgiving dinner with Drunk Mellie. This week’s episode was a veritable feast that included torture, betrayal and several decidedly Shonda Rhimes plot twists.

Let’s start with the torture — Huck was all sorry, not sorry as he pledged to pluck Quinn’s teeth out one by one (side note: Quinn has really nice teeth). He used the word, er, acronym YOLO. He licked her face.

Quinn was in luck because Olivia needed Huck to help her figure out what to do with the mother she has thought was dead for the last 22 years. Impressively, Maya still managed to nag Olivia about her work/life balance and come up with detailed fantasies of Liv’s would-be marriage and family.

As eye-opening as it was to see Olivia interact with her mother in present day, it was equally revealing to watch the flashbacks of the last day Olivia saw her mom before she “died.”

It’s worth noting that “Ben” — the song blaring through tween Olivia’s headphones -- was the theme song for a horror film about a young boy and his BFF pet rat. Spoiler alert:The rat likes to kill. A lot.

It did seem quite rehearsed when Maya explained that she had been headed to London to meet with a reporter to whom she’d divulge the truth about Rowan and his dirty B613 deeds. Too easy.

Also too easy: their escape plan, which involved putting Mama Pope on a plane to Hong Kong (after spending a night trying to stay one step ahead of Rowan and his team of spy-bros (thanks, Abby). Kind of odd that Olivia could be in so much danger, but make a call to Fitz “Did I mention I was the president?” Grant in open air to just hear his voice — and get her mom removed from the no-fly list.

Back at the White House, Cyrus and James danced around serious innuendo (point, James) and the uncomfortable truth about James’s tryst with Daniel Douglas. James eventually tried a more straightforward approach (“you have ruined us, Cy, you have ruined everything!) and demanded a divorce.

Cyrus was kind of a hot emotional mess in this episode, seemingly unable to outwit Sally, whose gone rogue (and pro-choice!) in an effort to become the first female president (with nary a Grant on the ticket).

But he was still Cyrus — conniving and unapologetic. I know the diagnoses happen on Shonda’s other show, but I’m starting to think that our wisecracking chief of staff might be a sociopath.

Also of questionable mental state is Quinn, who seems to be all in with Creepy Charlie. The B613 henchman found her awaiting the continuation of “Huck’s Dental Adventures”and managed to seduce her with a shower and a few swigs of vodka.

Is it wrong that I don’t hate them as a couple? Or that I laughed when Charlie tried to console Quinn with “So you don’t eat steak anymore...”?

There I was focusing on the hearty side dishes when I should have been digesting the main course: why was Mama Pope locked up in the first place. After sharing a heartwarming moment with Maya just before she boarded her flight, Olivia had an old-school Gladiator moment, using her gut to determine that something just wasn’t right, even though I’m sure that mom. She remembered answering the phone the day her mother left for London, remembered that the caller had asked for Marie.

My heart was poundng as Olivia realized that Papa Pope had her mother locked up for a very good reason: She’s probably a terrorist. To anyone who did not see that coming, may I remind you that ‘she ate her own wrists, sir.’

Quinn, fresh off her spy-love high, managed to confront Rowan and demand the tape that shows her killing a security guard. It appears she’s willing to try the whole syringe thing again and that Rowan, softened ever so slightly around the edges might be her target.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, prepared me for the episode’s real shocker. Sally managed to convincingly dismiss Cyrus’s photos of James and Daniel as she calls Cy’s bluff and insists he’ll never release the photos. It seemed she’d dismissed Cyrus too, until she called him for help after she killed her husband.

In related news, my Twitter feed had its share of references to ‘Snapped: The Sally Langston Story.’

Next week: dessert!

Lingering Questions: Is Sally going to be the gladiators’s next client? Was Cyrus right about James always coming back? Why was Mama Pope really on her way to London? Will Huck and Quinn ever make up?