←“The Mindy Project” premieres at 9:30 p.m. on Fox

It’s a farewell sheet cake for Kelly Kapoor, as Mindy Kaling segues effortlessly from the time she’s logged at NBC’s dwindling “The Office” as a writer and ensemble player to her big chance at creating and starring in her own show. In her new gig, she scores all 5’s on her employee evaluation. Everything about “The Mindy Project” is so very Kaling and happily spot-on, starting with the strength of the jokes and dialogue.

Drawing a bit from the tales she shared in her best-selling memoir, the fictional Mindy is a self-aware but also neurotic central character — a good Indian daughter who went to medical school and became an OB-GYN, even though all she ever really wanted to do was splay on the couch and watch Nora Ephron-style rom-com movies from the 1990s. In a moment of self-loathing, she resolves to undertake a “Mindy project” of renewed discipline, revamping her social life and choices in men. It’s a losing proposition, but a winning show. Grade: A-

— Hank Stuever