13 Reasons Why (Netflix streaming) The town news is dominated by the trial Hannah’s parents filed against Liberty High School as students testify in Season 2, premiering tonight. Pictured: Alisha Boe as Jessica. (Beth Dubber/Netflix)

(All times Eastern.)


American Masters: Bombshell (WETA at 9) The story of Hollywood screen legend and secret inventor Hedy Lamarr.


Prince Harry: Wild No More (TLC at 8) How the redheaded prince went from the family wild child to settling down.

Meghan Markle: A Royal Love Story (TLC at 9) The story of Meghan’s life, from growing up the child of a mixed-race couple to preparing to marry into the British royal family.

Secrets of the Royal Wedding (TLC at 10) A behind-the-scenes look at what the couple have done to pull off their highly anticipated bash.


Catching Feelings (Netflix streaming) A famous author gets in the way of a professor and his journalist wife.

Cargo (Netflix streaming) Martin Freeman stars as a father trying to save his infant daughter during a pandemic in Australia.


MasterChef Junior (Fox at 8) The winner is announced in the second part of the two-hour season finale.

Once Upon a Time (ABC at 8) Rogers is faced with the ultimate sacrifice on the series finale.

Hawaii Five-0 (CBS at 9) A Russian spy is discovered hiding out on Oahu. Season finale.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC at 9) The team faces a choice that could lead to the end of the world. Season finale.

Rellik (Cinemax at 10) The truth about the killer is finally unfolding after Gabriel uncovers new evidence.

Late Night

Bill Maher (HBO at 10) Clint Watts, Dambisa Moyo, Evan McMullin, Dan Savage, Bari Weiss

Fallon (NBC at 11:34) Sterling K. Brown, Willie Geist.

Colbert (CBS at 11:35) Benedict Cumberbatch, Mary Gallagher.

Kimmel (ABC at 11:35) Ryan Seacrest, Gillian Jacobs, Julia Michaels.

Sarah Polus